Monday, February 25, 2013

Giddy Grows and grows

For the past two years I have taken a picture of my baby boy on the same (or close to the same) day each month. When the alarm when off mid day I did my best to put him in the chair covered by the blanket my best friend made him and took a picture. Some times he was playing with a toy, sometimes he was grumpy, messy faced, covered in bug bites, usually his hair was messed up and his hands were dirty. He was often uncooperative but somehow I managed a picture every month. I even went through a period where I considered changing out the backdrop due to sad life events but I am glad I decided not to.

I could have made it a lot of stress or cost by getting him all handsome and taking him somewhere to get his picture taken or even setting up the perfect lighting at home etc, but I function on "get it done" and I am so glad I didn't let things get in the way of taking a simple picture each month.

I have compiled some of the shots as they are and a version of his sweet face close up, which is fun to look at in order and see the change.


I should have done it with all my kids. I think I was too stressed about making them look perfect for a picture that I let that excuse get in the way. Shame on me.

24  months. Holy wow. 2 years of my life with this boy. This amazing spirited miracle. I could write a big ode to him, but you still wouldn't get how special he is, how witty and coy, how full of expression and how smart. And that's okay. Someday some special girl will be his lucky wife and she'll know all about it.

One day after we passed the 1 year mark Gary asked me how long are you going to do that? (speaking of taking a monthly picture).
I don't know. Maybe till that day when he moves out... :)

Gary and Giddy's birthday's are a day apart so we celebrated them the same day with their own personalized cake. No one else appreciates carrot cake so Gary got his little square and Giddy got a lego cake. Nothing too fancy but full of love.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Hair

Olea desired a hair cut after I got mine cut so we had the lovely Hillary come back and Olea made a Locks of Love donation and got a shorter do.

 Zurich was finally convinced to have a hair cut too, and at his request we did it really short so we wouldn't have to cut it again for a while. I let him go at it with the clippers a bit, he was super ginger. And no, that little wavy haired baby boy will not be getting a hair cut anytime soon. :)