Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ten Random Things

My Gina tagged me...
Ten interesting things about me...
1. I'm allergic to pretty much anything that grows... trees weeds grass
2. I've ridden in an ambulance, but seeings how I was in agonizing pain, worse than giving birth (and I know that un-medicated) i don't remember much about it other than the clock in the ambulance was wrong.
3. This month I was considered an "Expert travler" by the airline since I have flown 3 times in the month of april.
4. I only watch tv that i can stream on the internet since I don't have live tv
5. I heart wheat bread. A lot
6. Last week I was in San Diego, Salt Lake, and Twin falls: three states in one day. the picture was taken on the drive to Twin Falls.
7. I write down 5 things that make me happy or that i am greatful for in my snail book every day.
8. I think calling my husband random names is funny. not names like fred or greg but like refrigerator, or munkychunks
9. i have been under the knife twice and have 4 scars from it.
10. I laugh at myself a lot. I think I am sooo funny. eheh that even makes me smile out loud

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So, in case you were wondering, I am NOT a man.

The Surgeon called the other day with the final pathology report. Leave it to me to have the rarest form of Ovarian Tumor out there! So not any of the things it was previously thought to be. Woohoo am I super or what?! Apparently the pathologists didn't know what it was and had to send it to the MAYO clinic. (he better not bill us, thoughI am sure he will) So a piece of me was at the Mayo Clinic. yay.

Anyway, you can google it if you want but won't find much. It's a Sertoli-Lydic or Sertoli-Lydig Tumor. It is benign. Originates from Ovarian Cells (hence being an ovarian tumor) but manly enough it produces hormones; specifically testosterone, like when a person is forming in embriologic state. He said that most people notice them by cycle interruptions or more advanced: Acne, facial hair, oily skin etc... thankfully I didn't have that. He is sending me the pathology report and the pictures I asked for.

I'll need to be monitored for the next year, Blood levels, testosterone just to make sure. He said he was glad he took the whole thing.

And Today I went to the Endo (because well strangely enough my hormones are a bit out of whack) and they don't take my insurance anymore!... thanks but no thanks on the cash price. So I just asked the receptionist if I could just have my levels. She went back and
talked to the doc. The doc ended up looking at my levels, writing a new Rx and giving a sample to me via the nurse while I waited in the waiting room. So now I get to find a doc who is comfortable monitoring thyroid levels. So how's that for a free doc apt? it will do. :) I don't think I will complain about not having to drive to Provo, so long as I can find a new doc.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Not a Morning Person

As I start to write this I think I will have many entries over the years along this vein because I have a child who is a morning person... this poses some problems as you can imagine.

This morning after being up with Zurich again (my mom and mother in law had been here helping and were up at nights with him) I was rather tired and cranky. Not to mention I need more sleep to heal... in any case Olea was one thing after another, I need, I want, I can't... etc. Not to mention Zurich was awake and had his needs. I was getting rather sharp in my responses to Olea. So after a bit of it Olea said to me, "You need to be happy Mommy." :{

Later Gary commented on Zurich's loud squaking, "He's being eaten alive by slugs." To which I replied, "That would sure make things easier."

I'm a good mom I swear! Just not between the hours 6am-8am. :)