Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Red Wagon

We got a red wagon in anticipation of taking the kids to Disney World for the first time.
If you are thinking the same.... don't. Buy it for another reason. About any other reason.

I'll tell you why. The van with 6 people in it can only hold so much. That wagon took up the trunk pretty effectively.

Imagine arriving at the park with 4 excited kids, 8, 5, 3, 2 who had never been, whose minds might literally e  x  p  l  o  d  e in the anticipation and getting that red wagon all loaded up with snacks, rain coats, lunch, sippy cups etc. Hauling the kids up to the Tram in the wagon and being told you can't take your pretty red wagon.

So we'd have to go back to the van, figure out how to carry all our stuff... and thinking ahead to tired feet and tired legs and tired bodies who would want to be carried, who wouldn't want to carry their own coats by wearing them and who would have no care for how much Mom and Dad were carrying already or how badly the bum-wheeled shopping cart messed up Mom's back the day before. All while the kids are asking WHY? and When can we go? and a myriad of other questions; so it makes it nearly impossible for Mom and Dad to think of solutions.

And imagine, because it would totally happen that the 2 year old would start wandering off in between cars and make a game of hiding... and inevitably someone (Dad) would raise his voice and some "concerned citizen" would call DCFS because Mom was hauling a screaming child away from a car door that he was desperately clinging too.

Then imagine that someone (Dad) threatens the kids that if they don't stop asking questions we are going to load back up in the van and go home. Of course they wouldn't stop asking questions and since Mom and Dad still don't have a solution and now are worn out already and are trying to stick to their resolve on following through on "threats".... They load the screamer, the crier and the angry and disbelieving kids in the van and try to then decide if they really go home or if they go buy ANOTHER stroller....

Hope you got a pretty good picture there. I sure did.

Thankfully, I did just imagine all this because Disney World does not allow wagons.

We discovered this the night before we left. Like 11pm.

What a blessing.

Staying up late deciding which to take (Stroller or pram) made for a much better day than if we had showed up at the gates with our shiny, new, red wagon, personalized and everything.

We ended up taking the pram and then for spring break the next week did buy a double/ sit and stand stroller. If Giddy could share the pram would have been great, but he's a super jealous youngest child and it wasn't happening.

The Red Wagon (Part 2)

So here we have this nonreturnable personalized wagon. Which, let's be honest, I've always wanted for my kids. So we let them play with it in the yard, and we go on walks with it.

Sunday evening we went on a walk with it after General Conference.

We turned down a street we never have before. Neither of us brought any electronic devices, and finding ourselves in a dead end had to turn around. By this time the kids were tired and had switched in and out of the wagon walking or riding and Giddy was getting all jealous of Mom holding hands with Dad so the middle two were in the wagon. Olea trailed with us.

I watched the middle two and listened to their laughter as they leaned over the side of the wagon trailing sticks in the white shell-sand road. I soaked in the feeling of Giddy clutching tightly around my neck as I held him on my chest. I wanted a picture, but didn't have one so took a snapshot with my heart.

Life at it's best.

The Red Wagon

Daddy pulls the red wagon 

In a winding path
Creating soft ruts in the fragmented shells
Their two heads jostle 

each on a soft arm resting over the side
Their other arms drag a stick pressed into the ground
Like sparklers in the sandy road
leaving snakelike wiggles behind them for the length of our travel
Giggles at the simple joy peak and die
as they watch the sand spray
and listen to it grind and fall
In harmony with the wagon wheels

She wanders behind
skipping back and forth in the lines
as Daddy pulls the red wagon.

His arms clutch 
warm and squishy 
solid in his resolve 
to hang on
to Mommy
I wrap my arms
snug against him 
creating a seat
hanging on to my hips to anchor it
as I walk with him
carried against me
his sweet curls catch
in my eyes 
his kisses saturate my cheek 
his little hands pat my back
renew and tighten his grip 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bathrooom redo

The half bathroom has always bothered me since we moved in. It is shoddy all around. An access panel was cut and instead of fixing it it was covered with wainscot and then painted with a random color, it was poorly hung and didn't match any other wainscot in the house. And it had floral wallpaper... do I even have to describe why that was ugly, not to mention that it was peeling off. The pedestal sink allowed no storage and the little shelf that was in there was a bit water logged and the kids kept pulling the towels off it and carpeting the tile with them.

The kids pulled the towel rack out of the wall... so that was another beauty mark. The caulking at the bottom of the toilet was done poorly and stained. The mirror backing was peeling off on the bottom and the sink had issues draining.

One day I decided I was serious about fixing it and so I started removing the wallpaper. This said to Gary, "I'm serious and I want it now." But things are never that fast so we worked on it when we could we have kids and all that which come first.

I was finding the before image and Nev who is almost 4 says, "That is ugly." Yes, it is dear.
The after pictures don't even show new baseboards, toilet caulking redone, new light fixture (square since I broke the other one on accident while painting, and yes it really was an accident) etc. and my bathroom art on the right wall. And look at all that STORAGE. Just what I needed. The sink drains and everything.

I still have some detail work to do on the frame around the mirror, it has a leaf pattern that I was going to add some accent touches to but haven't gotten to it. (I've been obsessing over my carpets lately)

I am so much happier with it. It is right next to the dining room so the grossness of it REALLY bothered me. I feel so much better now. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A new chin

Nope. Not plastic surgery.

I haven't seen my husband's chin for 8 years except a short lived appearance in about 2008. I am hoping the appearance will be at least as shortly lived this time around. But that's selfish and conceited of me. Both appearances were dictated by his obedience to a clean shaven recommendation to participate in church callings. So since I encouraged his latest one... I will probably be seeing his chin reappear and slowly disappear over and over. I guess that's okay. It is just SO different. He's half Irish so facial hair doesn't come in large quantity or quick growth.

after College Graduation:
The mustache was briefly introduced in 2008:
 I did not approve:

But it came back in 2011:


This Past week The Before and After:
 The process:
He was going to see what he had in way of a beard, but it was looking pretty patchy and while I was searching for pictures he was upstairs shaving everything but the goatee.

Looking back to find these pictures has been fun. Makes me appreciate my husband's looks more. We're coming up on 10 years. 

And this one, because it is one of my favorites, but not of me. :0) The date on the picture is SO off.