Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures pictures everyone

Because I haven't posted pictures of the kids' Easter... because I wasn't there (in the hospital, remember?) But thanks to my parents they still had a hunt and Olea was thrilled that she got "a lot of eggs this time" (she panicked at the ward Easter hunt running out into the center and back to the edge without picking up a single thing, Zurich got more than she did). I don't know why Olea's head is screwed on wrong in the pic of them in their Easter dress...probably because she is a poser. (There is another one that looks really strange that I didn't post) My dad took the pic of Zurich and his basket... It's a GREAT picture. I love it.

And of course pictures of the new little one.

P.S. I lost yesterday's battle with the permanent marker today. Olea broke two rules about using them... she didn't put paper underneath the one she was drawing on and she put her paper directly on the carpet rather than on my computer chair mat... Thus getting permanent marker on my my carpet... Solution: Rubbing alcohol and lots of q-tips and it's "good as new" or at least "no one would know."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pick your battles

  • I let Zurich eat an apple slice WHILE he was in the bath. (yup, it was immersed in the water bit on and dunked again...)
  • I let Olea sit WAY too close to the mini tv.
  • I let Olea and Zurich play with the baby play center while I nursed Genève (it kept them away from the plants)
  • I let Zurich play with the scissors... till Genève was done nursing.
  • I let Olea eat snacks upstairs.
  • I chose to not hear what Olea was currently up to, till I was ready to deal with it. (playing with her dolls in the sink)
  • I let Zurich brush his hair with his sister's toothbrush. (hehehehe)
  • I let Zurich suck on Genève's binki (because it looked like his) during the day time (he's not supposed to have a binki unless he's in bed)
  • I let Olea use my assortment of Sharpies. (Typically permanant markers are not for her use... wonder why?)
  • I let Zurich go through the pen cup uncapping them all.
  • We ate a lunch of Oranges, and apples dipped in peanutbutter.
  • I let Zurich fuss in his crib longer than I normally would so I could finish up a project.
  • I let Gary take Zurich on the motorcycle from the front of the property to the garage
  • I let Zurich and Olea stay up late to watch a movie with popcorn.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Zurich understands posing for a picture. "Cheese!" he says and is loving it. He was spectacular in almost all the snaps I took... the girls on the other hand...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I knew it.

but it doesn't matter
I told him
but it doesn't matter
We're all stubborn about something.
Today I took the babe in for a Bili level.
It's gone up.
she's a yellow belly...
(no, not a coward, a jaundice kid... which call me crazy but if it wasn't a medical condition, I think it would be kinda a cute name, Jaundice...)
So early tomorrow I have to submit her again to a heel prick and then see if we need lights or not. Probably we will. Since in two days she went from an 8 to a 16. From low risk to the top of high risk.

So what did I tell him?
Not that she would have jaundice, I'm not that smart.
I told him that if we spelled her name the French way EVERYONE was going to say it wrong.
But he insisted.
Ok fine.
You can call her Geneva (Geneeva) or the French Genève (genev (soft g)) that's all good.
We call her both.
Something I hadn't anticipated though: Genevieve (you know like the dog in the Madeline books)
That's what everyone called her today.
Heck, my name is Coretta. I was named in sorts after Coretta Scott King. A black Lady. I get Black book club mailings and things of the sort, just because of the Coretta thing. It's all good. And sometimes people spell it with two Rs and one T.
Who cares.
Like Gary says: Her name is Genève. It doesn't matter what others think or if they can't get it, it's her name.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We're all doing well. I was admitted at 4pm and she was born 3 hours later. Because of the fast delivery she has some bruising, but she is lovely and has really dark hair, darker than the other two. YAY! We'll be here till Tuesday afternoon likely so come see us if you so desire. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

11 DAYS?!

so I'm not overdue or anything,
but seriously,
having the baby this weekend would have been convenient.
I was really hoping for it.
Hoping my husband wouldn't have to take off work,
hoping that I would have her earlier than a day or two.
I shouldn't complain,
I know,
my sister had her last one almost two weeks late.
But I plan on having her early since the last two have been.
But only by 5-7 days... so two weeks was dumb of me to even hope for.
I get that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We all have friends... or at least like to think we do.
Typically our best friend if we are married is our spouse (it should be).
Gary is definitely mine.
However, this post isn't about him this time.

Before we bought our house and moved we lived in a sweet duplex in Orem. About 6 months before we moved I met Cyndi who lived down the street from me. (Thanks Visiting Teaching)
I could go on and on about her virtues but suffice it to say, since you likely don't know her, that she is like a sister to me (which is funny, I guess, coming from someone who has 4 sisters already). Or I could just say she's my best girl friend "locally." The best part about being friends with her? Our husbands and kids all like each other too, how rare is that? It's great.

Lately, with all the doc appointments for the pregnancy it's just an understood that the kids and I go hang out with her all that day. She and I have both been pregnant the last two times together. We both had boys and now girls... Her little one is over two months old and I have yet to have my girl still. The last few visits we have worked on making a dress for her sweet little one to be blessed in. She sews a lot and is very talented, but had not made clothing. That's usually all I do with sewing, not that I'm super at it, but decent enough that I have made my own patterns and we got talking about making a blessing dress and so I drew up a pattern and we went on a little trip to the fabric store. This last visit we completed the dress. So it's not your traditional dress, being all white, since it is light pink and sage green. Ah but we had a good time and since I am dumb, I didn't know how much material to buy, so we over bought and had enough to make my friend a matching shirt. I think that's a bonus. We cut out all the pieces last time I was there so we'll see how far she gets by next Wednesday, now that she's got one completed garment under her belt and six kids to distract her.
So here's a picture. Joy with me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I warned you

...that I would be obsessed with the font creator thing... Here it is again. This time I had the kids I do preschool with fill out a template (actually tracing paper over the template to make it easier to edit afterwards for use). It was interesting to watch them as we all filled it out together. Some liked to really FILL up the boxes. In Lucy's defense she is the youngest of the group and lefthanded. She doesn't get to start kindergarten this fall like the other three, but it's probably best, I think she'd be frustrated if she started this year. Still the comparison is interesting, since we all have such different handwriting. I told the mom's I was doing this and one was really excited about it since she does a lot of scrapbooking.