Friday, May 27, 2011

Gift Bag

Olea got a gift bag from her teacher yesterday and was looking through it on the drive home. She was chatting away in the far back seat of the van and suddenly she is quiet for a few seconds and then says pretty loudly, "Well, that's dumb!"
"This whole box of crayons are brown!"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kick the Can

Video of my Nevy with a new way to have fun. When I discovered what she was doing I literally ran for the camera, I didn't want to miss getting a video of this, I thought it was so funny and she's got some moves with it.

After this and I went and found the kids' balls so she could kick around a real ball, all that did was start a fight between her and Zurich... the can was better.

Ya, I know the house is messy, wanna pay for a maid? ya, me neither.

So, my kid is better than yours...

Essentially when any parent brags about their kid, that's what we are saying, let's be honest...
not because we really think our kid is better, but because our kid brings us so much joy more so than someone elses kid, doing the same stuff would do. It's kinda a pride moment.

So here's a story about a little girl I am proud of.

So, it might not be hard to pass the first Grade, most of the time. But it seems like a pretty big deal here. :) Today was Olea's "end of year celebration" at school. She was one of three kids that doesn't have to go to summer school. So it is not a "graduation." And end of year reading was supposed to be level 16-18 and she's a 24.
We had a rough start to reading so this is thrilling for me.

So here are some pics from her "end of year celebration" ... I am once again thinking of the interchange between Bob and Helen on Incredibles...

Olea holds Nevy Olea and Ms. Tello, the reading mastery teacher. Olea just loves her.

Cast introductions, Olea curtsied instead of bowing. How cute is that?

(While snacking afterward, a lady told me, "Four? Oh that's enough, you gotta stop."
didn't ask for her opinion. Gary was like, "Don't be offended: you agree with her." He's right and I'm not offended, but seriously, that's not her call to make. I should probably get used to it though.)

After it was over I checked her out and we went to a friend's for a pool party. Good stuff. It's nice to be able to get to know some people outside of church setting. Gary got home from his trip just a few minutes before us and had a bouquet for Olea. He felt bad he missed her special day. She was so thrilled with the flowers, and the princess balloon that came with them. She was so excited that it was all hers. She was sweet though and said she'd share a flower or two with me. (I didn't take her up on it.)

Mischief is...

These two: Zurich and Nevy

on the top of the pile of boxes in the spare room... that was dangerous

at the bottom of the stack of boxes in the spare room...

running off the wrong direction while waiting for Olea's bus

decorating the baby's saucer with an entire sheet of stickers

helping Daddy with yard work by loosing his gloves

Apple on a serving fork anyone?

This is just cute, Nev in her Jammies from Michelle. (Tshirts from the place she worked) The long sleeves on it are so funny and she handles them well.

Nevy really likes to shred paper lately I find this all to often

Having fits while I am stuck feeding the baby

but they are pretty dang cute:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Secret loves

I recently commented on Facebook that
I secretly really like the postal system.

Now that the secret is out I'd like to elaborate.

Back in the days of my childhood I patronized our local library quite often.

I was one of those lucky kids who had a library card. Who participated in Summer Reading Programs and even took some of the kids I baby sat to the Library.

I also really love public libraries.

Summers were spent with a sunny walk to the library for some new literature and a nearby convenience store called Island Market for candy. I'd take the loot home and put out the picnic blanket on the lawn, or climb up in the apple tree and read and snack away... ya, I know we're not supposed to eat and read.... Ladies, you are also not supposed to take books in the bubble bath, but I know you do. ;)

One book I remember was about mail. (You are welcome to send me a copy of this book.) called the Jolly Postman. This book incorporates famous fairy tales as well in a humorous way. But it wasn't your regular old book. No, it was awesome! It was like you were a nosy (and criminal) postman who read all the mail. As I remember it there were envelopes of all types on the pages and letters that were folded up tucked inside. Postcards too. The book had all sorts of cool die cutting.

I also really like stuffing envelopes.

One summer I had a job working with my sister at and they needed someone to send out coupon mailers to the customers. It was the dreaded job that no one seemed to want to do, so when I was presented with the job, I was T-H-R-L-L-E-D. Stickers, folding, hand addressing, stuffing envelopes, seriously, what isn't fun about that?

The very idea of mail is magical, you put a piece of paper in an envelope.

Add a special sticker

and a little bit of spit

and a wave of the magic red flag off it goes

and can make it to wherever you addressed it faster

than you could get there on your own.

Those envelopes hold cards, love, gifts, sentiments, gum, dollar bills, stickers, drawings, pictures, pretty things and all manner of written word. When you find something addressed to you in that box you feel all sorts of special. Hey, add parcel post and the excitement is quadrupled!

So why do I love the postal system? Because it is magical.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tonight we attended a dinner and silent auction to raise money for the young women in our ward to attend Girl's camp.

Gary found this:
Gary with batman mask

And said he was buying it for Zurich but we know the truth!

as a side note, Nev ate her dinner on his shirt...

I donated some Tatties and bid on a few items too, some pretties and services.

Afterward we took the kids to a cute little candy shop so they could pick out a treat for taking a nap this afternoon. I saw these, and was nostalgic and a little shocked.

I didn't think they could sell these anymore. I did not, of course, direct the kids' attention to them but pointed them out to Gary.

The kids of course got those ridiculously large lollipops that will sit on the counter for the next week till the kids forget about them enough that I can throw the sticky remains away. Gary and I had agreed before hand that we wouldn't let them get a candy that would sit on the counter for the next week... for some reason that went out the window when we went in the door of the shop.
Lesson learned... maybe.

Monday, May 16, 2011

my budding photographers...

So tonight I was looking through the camera pictures... and lo and behold....
Zurich and Nev had had more than one photo session all on their own-sies!
Not surprising.
At all.
Here is some of their awesome talented work:

The first line is awesome, because it shows how Nev gets up on the counter.
The rest of it proves that Zurich is a little liar when he says Nevy was the one playing with the camera when I find it with finger prints on it, or the memory card in it backwards.
Well, some of the time... Nev just hasn't figured out how to turn it on AND take a picture.

I just put the one of Nev's Bed head as my desktop.

Nice. That will freak Gary out.

I think this post is the fault of what's his face "Special Agent Oso," for teaching my kid to take a picture with "MOM's CAMERA" nice one. Too bad, Zurich didn't learn the tip about keeping his finger out of the lens.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little Determination

Recently Zurich and Nev have taken to sneaking off and playing in the garage.

...and yes, I drew on some shirts for my little girl since she often refuses to wear them in real life and I love and protect her.

So a few days ago I flipped the door knobs around because one side was a lever and one was a bulb. Nev can't get the bulbs open yet. Of course Zurich still can but it slowed them down a bit. I was going to put on a safety knob cover but couldn't find one yet. There was one on the front door already.

Thursday I had to pick Olea up from the bus stop and Gary was working at home. Zurich wanted to come with me and I was stressed about him coming because he couldn't find his shoes and then Nev would want to come and I couldn't get her to keep clothes on. And if I wasnt there waiting when the bus happened to stop then I would have to go to the school to pick her up. Gary said to just go. I said, "But Zurich will follow me." Gary encouraged me again to "just go."

After picking Olea up we headed home. As soon as we could see our street I also saw two unwelcome sights in the middle of the road: Nev, in only a pull up and no shoes of course and her enabling big brother who had found some shoes.

As we got closer I noticed the garage door wide open and my concern was confirmed. Gary was not with them and completely oblivious to their escape.

How did he do it? A little Zurich determination is all it takes. First he found his shoes, then he opened the house garage door, then he retrieved a stool, when that wasn't tall enough he emptied and flipped over one of the recycling buckets. Stool to bucket and he could reach the garage door button. Their escape route was clear.

This road is pretty dangerous some people really barrel down it, and there are the heavy fern trucks going all the time. I feel blessed the road was so clear for them at this time.

So when I got home I multiplied my efforts to find the safety knob. So for now they are safe...

from that...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The mail receptacle

I should have gotten a picture of the box in it's sad tipped over and over grown shape, but I didn't.

Last week for FHE we painted and personalized our mailbox. It was Olea's idea (from UP) and we thought it was a good way to make our family mark on the place. Gary used our old porch swing frame (that the movers made us take apart) to make a new mailbox stand. Some bleach and a scrub brush on my part. And then some trusty acrylic paint and the little people in our family. We had the kids white wash the stand after we put their hand prints on the box. Giddy we had to use a foot because we couldn't get him to uncurl his fingers.... thinking that might have been a good idea for Zurich too since we had to re-do his over seven times, and only one of those times it was because he smeared his with a paint brush...

Ya, I know I did a crappy job on the Name part, it was free handed with a lot of distraction.

Now accepting parcel post as well. :)