Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Humor Me

I just finished a photo edit. This one was quite a bit of work. More than I anticipated due to color issues. I get such satisfaction out of a project like this. It's too fun. I also love it when Gary sees what I can do and tells me how talented and amazing I am. Who doesn't like to hear that? To get the full effect of the change I'd need to flash animation switching between before an after. So if anyone wants to do that for me... let me know. I used to know flash... but I don't have the program, bummer.

So to humor me go here to see the source and finished pics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A ways away

We're not home. I really like home. I have everything I need and can do whatever the kids and I desire, till Daddy gets home... then we just sit around and wait for him to dictate the evening, it works out pretty well... so being a way: That makes for some changes. But it's been good.

Gary's mom and I left the kids with Grandpa and went shopping. As those who stop by my blog will know shopping is typically on a have-to basis. Shopping with friends is not something I get to do very often. So after our little trip. I think I would like shopping more if I did it with friends... and not always just me juggling tasks and kids. Gerry and I had a lovely time. I have a hard time letting her buy anything for me but I gave in a few times. :) We window shopped and also picked up things we did and didn't plan on. I guess that's the danger of shopping. I finally found some little clips that I have been looking for that work as the best binki clip I know. I guess I haven't dilligently looked for them before, but still it was a bonus to find them and not have a bunch of the plastic name lanyards that go with them. We had good talks and fun times. I do like hanging out with her. She's got such spunk and is easy to talk to. I appreciate her honesty. I was sad to hear that Zurich didn't take his expected nap while we were gone, but appreciated the break and the time with Gerry.I also like having a laptop. This makes me feel more at home. I like computers. It's true. I brought along my crocheting and tatting. I finished a little mini bear cocheting pattern I have been working on. The other night we were like two old ladies in our jammies crochetting and knitting. It makes me smile. We went swimming at a mineral pool yesterday. Zurich was grumpy due to fever from immunizations, lack of sleep and freaking himself out over water by dipping his face in the tub earlier. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway and all looked like bums when we went into Arctic Circle afterward for lunch/dinner. I haven't worn a one pice bathing suit for years, always shorts and tanktop style. There are a lot of things you can't hide in a one piece. Thankfully I am always the one with the camera, rather than on the other side of it.

Then Gary and I went for a motorcycle ride on his parent's Venture. Fun stuff. Good thing they had leathers we could wear, it was cold out. Olea went for a ride too. The helmet makes her look so cute. Zurich and his great uncle Ross who has downsyndrome had a fun game of bat and ball.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

too much make up = wreckless driving

the other day i was driving. this happens on occasion. I was in the car pool lane. I notice a car behind me weaving and correcting within the lane. she was following too close too. I notice that she is driving as a second thought to putting on her make-up. A LOT OF MAKE UP. From where the carpool lane starts in provo area to exit 289. I was shocked. I kept waiting for her to hit the barrier or another car, i was glad when she passed me only to resume her makeup ritual in front of me, glad because at least I could choose the distance between our cars and anticipate a stop if she got in an accident. Yet, I was intrigued, how long could this go on? How much more makeup could she put on? At one point the question arose... did she even belong in the carpool lane? I don't think so. She did have a carseat in her back seat, but it seemed to be rather unoccupied as I have a higher vantage point in my van and as she passed me I got a pretty good look. This should be considered wreckless driving and if an accident happend because of it she should be charged with it. Same goes for people who tailgate. For those wondering it was at least 35 minutes and 30 miles of make-up. If you wear this much make-up, I'm sorry but there is DEF a problem.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zub Zub one year Zub

Zurich's Song

Oh, here comes a little gentleman
All royal in his garb
His charms are quick
His smiles are bright
His eyes a regal blue
Oh Zurich, Zurich Byron we're so happy to have you

His quest begins with strapping bands
and fighting Jaundice with the blue
And he has triumphed as ere a knight would do
"Oh Zurich, Zurich Byron," the cheer goes out as he comes riding in

Like a captain he leads the lands to peace
with his mild and honored ways
Yet, he will keep you guessing all his days
"Oh Zurich, Zurich Byron," the cheer goes out as he comes riding in

Sunday, November 16, 2008


It was the banana and the zip lock bag. By the time I got the camera the shadow wasn't AS perfect but you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If this is your ancestor... I apologize

So I was going through our pictures for the year for some people I love and ran across this... It was in a historic house we visited up in Ophir Canyon. For sure this is a man! but wait... look around the house... it's hereditary. So she sold Avon. The bottom of the frame had engraved in it, "100 AVON." If a "sheheit" showed up at my door looking like this trying to sell me Avon I would deney even a free sample. I apologize if this is a relation to anyone out there who happens to read this post. I think I am pretty safe though... Gary and I were just astounded... that it was for real, and that they for real put it up in the house. That is some brave lady. I understand I have been blessed to be rather decent and normal looking. I didn't realize what a huge blessing this was... until 100 year Avon lady.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The new Politically correct terms

I am really bugged by politically correct stuff. Such as changing "he" to "he/she" or to just plain "she." "He" worked for me. I understood that in the English language it was the gender neutral when it was used that way. I was fine being lumped into the "he" category because I understood it wasn't demeaning or whatever the complaint is. It was a simple way to include every one under Mankind. However, thanks to the feminists I now have to read literature, magazines etc, that use "he/she" or "she" instead. She is much more specific. I can't read she and think of the possibility that it can be a "he" because we as humans are MANkind not WOMANkind. I'm good with this. I like the respect it allotted me as a woman. However, it's a real stumbling block when I am reading and it says SHE and it doesn't mean she it means, HE or SHE you know the way HE used to work.

So to appease the complianers out there who think that HE is discriminatory... I propose a new term. You take your pick: hesheit, or sheheit. The second sounds a little less mean. Though I personally take a lot of humor from hesheit. Obviously, I had to include IT so I didn't leave anyone out. I don't want some bi or some androgynous person complaining in the future you know?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Disgruntled fan

TECHNICAL WARNING: the following post consists of some rather simplified technical complaining. Do not read if you don't care.

As a graphic designer/ photo editing fanatic... I have to be a fan of Adobe software. I am. However, I have been frustrated with Vista and Adobe compatibility issues. The new compy I got for my design business came with Vista... blahblahblah. Thankfully my amazing husband got Adobe to tell us how to install CS2 on Vista... According to the tech support people I have talked to since about other issues: THIS IS A MIRACLE. Sure I should upgrade, I guess they just came out with CS4...anyone want to pay for it? Anyway, everything worked, except the PDF printer/ distiller, whatever it's called. This is frustrating as I rely on it quite heavily. I have hoped I would find a solution that was feasible... It's been a search, I'm sure someone smarter would have gotten to a solution sooner, but I just couldn't believe that if we got the rest of the suite to work that the printer wouldn't. I've looked on knowledge base, forums, tech support etc. It won't. So It guess if I had Acrobat 8.1.2 that it would work. I have 7. I can't supposedly upgrade just one component and buying it independently is too expensive. So I found bullzip.com. It's a free pdf printer. I haven't completely tested it out but the fact that I can customize a watermark over the pdf is useful to me. I usually use pdf printer in word and internet browsing. YAY that this works. Also, you can choose to save as jpg, png etc. It's got lots more options than just pdf which is handy. So I'm bugged that Adobe won't help me, but maybe it's my own fault for not having the thousands of dollars it takes to upgrade. :P In the mean time I am glad I have found a FREE pdf printer that works with Vista 64 bit. Bless the freeware and shareware souls out there who are smarter than Adobe, and more loving too. Here is a preview for your enjoyment.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A new discovery

I'm not going to sort through the HTML to figure out why I can't embed this but you should really follow the links below. My sis's Fiance showed this to us. I think I am an instant fan of Mr. Colbert.

Colbert Nation Part 1

Colber Nation Part 2

Oh the laughter, the logic, he is SO quick. Spend some time on the site and your sides will hurt.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bragging Rights

Since my daughter has been in Nursery, people have always found it necessary to let me know that she is so good at coloring. She has only gotten better over the years. All though I take those comments with a knowing smile I also think, "Well duh, it's what we do all day. She better be good at it." Still though, she does surprise me sometimes. I remember the first time I was truly surprised was when we were at a friend's house and the older kids were coloring with colored pencils, coloring tools are not free reign at their house so it was a grand occasion for all their kids. Olea had previously only used crayons. After a while their 9 year old came running in with their 4 year old in tow, exclaiming, "Look, how good she does, she colors so Good!" He was carrying Olea's picture and had his sister bring her picture for comparison. After seeing that I switched out Olea's crayons for colored pencils. I am a firm believer in developing fine motor skills. Why do schools have kids use Crayons? They break, are messy, kids peel the wrappers and eat them and are never sharp? A colored pencil on the other hand is such a great choice, it keeps them occupied for longer, works on fine motor skills to a very fine degree and the finished product is so beautiful. Olea loves to color. We have fun together. So again she surprised me the other day. I gave her a picture from a "mommy coloring book" (one that I have from when I was younger that she only gets a page at a time from as rewards, because it's cooler that way). She decided she was going to color it for Grandma. When she showed me the finished product I was just thrilled with her. It was so fabulous! What I think is so great is that EVERY LAST SQUARE INCH IS COVERED. It's colorful and in the lines. I like her ability to transcend normal and do what she thinks, rather than just copying the color things might really be. Though with Sesame Street, no one would be the wise anyway. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Today I greeted the white misty morning. It made me recal a poem I wrote back in the day... you know back when I was the one running to school rather than watching elementary school children run amid the fog, through my window.


Like stage lighted smoke

Fog rushes at running feet

Misted drafty day.

Though I have this poem memorized... really hard, I know, I still wanted to find the source file for it... and it brought back lots of memories as I looked though years of poetry. I love writing it... I love seeing life lyrically. I have to remind myself of this sometimes.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We enjoyed Halloween this year. Last year was very lack luster, as I was on bedrest and Olea was with her Grandparents. We didn't even have one trick or treater last year. So it was nice to have a good fest of it this year. We went to a pumpkin carving party at a neighbor's the week before.

For Halloween we all dressed up in theme. Olea was Little Red Riding Hood, I was Granny, Gary was the woodsman carrying around a cyote carcas as the wolf. Zurich was a squirrel which we were told was fitting with the new version of Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf has a crazy squirrel friend. So YAY. For those who have seen the squirrel costume you may notice some modifications... as Zurich is substancially bigger than Olea was.

Olea was a trooper and filled her basket full. Zurich hadn't had a nap that afternoon but must have been mesmerized by the festivities because, though it was well past his bedtime he was pleasant and smiley the whole time. They both enjoyed a few of the spoils before going to bed.
Olea was really mad at Gary for this: She went and pouted on the neighbor's lawn. She eventually got over it when we said we were going to use the potato head one for dinner in a pumpkin. That sounded fun. It was quite warm and just a sprinkle of rain here and there. It was nice not to have to cover costumes with coats. I was alarmed though at the amount of kids who didn't dress up, all they had were their pillow cases. What a crock. If I didn't think they would egg my house I would have denyed them candy. That's the fun of Halloween! Dress up for All Hallows Eve Sakes!