Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fresh Vanity

Every time I cut my husband's hair he says at least 10 times over the next 24 hours how much he loves a new hair cut. I don't get mine cut often enough... You'll see what I mean when you see my before picture... crap. Why didn't anyone tell me my hair looked that messed up in the back? Dude, like I check! :D

So since my hair growth has slowed and my husband suggested (after I'd been quietly considering it) that I should color my hair if I wanted I was ready to go. I've never colored it. EVER. Once I had highlights but they grew out in two weeks so bad that I wasn't in any hurry to spend 40 every two weeks.... I had just had a baby and was taking prenatal vitamins at the time. Not so now so hopefully it lasts nicely. Either way, I was ready to try something fun. But as I've never dyed before I didn't want to go crazy. I consulted my Friend Hillary who does hair and we figured out what to do. I also went back to the a-line because I can, and it's HOT in Florida.

It's beautymus, I looobe it. And ya, it feels sooooo good.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

a bedroom for boys

This is a continuation from this post.

We finally gave up on the wallpaper that was on never ending back order and bought it somewhere else. Let me say:
1. I have perfect color vision (see here) 
2. I couldn't have chosen the comic book grey any better if I had had the wallpaper we wanted with me when we bought the paint months before.
3. The decals stuck really well. No issues.
4. they need to work on the adhesive for adhesive wallpaper... probably why it was on never ending back order... it has some issues sticking for which we purchase Aleene's Tack it over and over and that seems to be doing the trick.
5. Yes, I fixed the clock face numbers.
6. Lucky boys.