Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Celebrating a Lay off

Economic times are tuff... I'm sure it's not news to any of you. So the last few weeks we have really felt are a miracle. Gary was laid off on the 19th. Though we felt scared of all the unknowns, it was actually a huge relief since every day there was the wonder, is today the day? Things haven't been great there for years and we've been seriously looking with spurts of large dedication over the last 3 years. The last three months though we have really been over active about the job search, knowing that a lay off was imminent. We saved, put more in our food storage and planned for it. So there was some relief mixed in with the sting of the predicted finally happening. The afternoon Gary got laid off he went to a job interview and he and the interviewer both kinda came to the conclusion, that though Gary would be a great asset to their company, it may not be what he was looking for. So Gary goes back to work and gets laid off. Friday, he called the company back (he interviewed with on Thursday) and asks them to still keep him in their considerations. He had an interview Monday and Tuesday evening we accepted their offer.

It almost seems too easy. However, Gary and I really feel led to this job. There have a been a lot of things that led up to it, getting used to the SLC commute, working in a cube, and a slew of other changes. With the baby due any day we are grateful for the newly passed COBRA law changes. All things considered it couldn't have been much better a transition in employment. Though it was a hellish weekend in some aspects it was also quite refreshing. We felt at one point during the last few months that we were very close to an offer with what we though was the perfect job for Gary, and were very confused when he didn't get it. We are starting to see the light. If he'd quit instead of being laid off things would have been quite different.

Though the new job isn't what we may have envisioned for Gary's career, the Lord's hand is in it and for that we are so grateful. It is still a marketing position and from what I understand about it, it is something that Gary can really add value and thrive in. He started Yesterday, so right now he's going through the transition of a new company and their processes, which has got to be hard but there is stability in this company that very few can offer in these times. We look around and know that though stuff is just stuff, we are very grateful that we get to keep our stuff, (house and van etc), that we have a place to bring our new baby home to.

Here Gary goes through his boxes from his old job. That's good therapy.

We feel very blessed to have experienced what has to be one of the shortest stints in unemployment.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last weekend we had some friends down for the afternoon and went target shooting in the hills.
Rob brought his gun that is similar to the ones used in Iraq. It's a pretty cool gun. I got to try it.
Gary doesn't often pick up the camera of his own accord, so this must have been a special sight...
9months pregnant and shooting a serious gun. Laugh, I did.
Oh, but it was fun. It's a very smooth thing, no
kick. I probably sounded like the wicked witch of the west cackling away, Gary got a video but
you can't hear much because of the wind. So here's a picture instead.

Gary's dad is in the background with a six shooter (forgive my gun name ignorance) also a gun I
particularly enjoyed. Gary helps Olea shoot his 22 with Jen, Rob, Eric (can't really see him) and George in the background. And just because I can... I edited out George so you get the full pregnant effect...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This one is for Katie...

...and posterity, because she commented and told me to get a pic of my baby belly before
it was too late... and I realized I haven't really taken any this whole pregnancy.
Thanks for the reminder Katie. :)
Enjoy, me and all my fatisha (that's a nice way to say pregnant lady... and still use the word fat,
for some reason I like to use on myself, but don't worry, I don't think I'm fat).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week away

Here are some pics from the kids' time at Grandma and Pappa's.

Feeding the animals, cows in particular.

Playing in the bubbles. Olea looks like she is taking a shower in them.

Popcorn. Zurich loves it. Mouth full, hand full and still a hand in the bowl.
He also liked sitting at the big table.

Olea makes a craft, Garden Stones, and rolls with cousins, Sabrina and Lucas.

And enjoys a tea party with Mrs. Castle, Miss Annabelle,...et al.

Zurich and his treat dispenser, Olea and her lego man.

Zurich praying he doesn't drown,

wearing his speedo,

and chilling with Bella, he probably has dog food in his mouth, in the wagon, emptying out his shoe.

Riding the horse with Pappa.

The kids had a ball, and it sounds like Grandma and Pappa enjoyed the week as well. I am so
greatful my kids are having opportunities to develop relationships with their grandparents.
Zurich had a bit of a hard time adjusting to being back at home I think. That evening he kept
jumping laps whining in between, it's like he couldn't decide who he loved the most.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun with Grandma and Pappa

The weekend they came to pick up the kids (March 14th). We had some fun playing at the park. Basketball and other feats of joy. So far as the boys going horizontal against the bar... Gary's dad did better but I didn't get the pic taken till he'd slid down to the ground. Zurich was so happy to have Bella (the dog) in the stroller with him.

Olea was not sad at all to leave Mom and Dad and spend the week with Grandparents.
Who can blame her really?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writer Rabbit

There was a game, it was probably old even when I was little, called Writer Rabbit. It made me
laugh. It was all sorts of writing exercises one was mad lib type. I find myself using or thinking a
phrase that the game put together out of one of the mad libs I filled out, "Out of the dark past." So,
out of the dark past I am looking for my game.... thankfully my little brother is the best resource
for things like this and he has located it. Can I contain my joy? Silly, I know. Now its just a matter
of him sending me an EXE file.

missing children

I don't take pictures very often when the kids aren't around. I brought the camera yesterday, I spent most of the day with my friend Cyndi and then met Gary at his work so we could take in a session at the Salt Lake City Temple (where we were married). However, I never picked up the camera. So instead I am posting pictures from the weekend while Gary's parents were here and other things that bring me joy.

Olea shows me her template (to make a font, she saw me filling in the templates and wanted to try it that way).

Zurich now likes to lay down in the bath. Much easier for me.Zurich figured out that he could flip over Olea's laundry basket so he could use it as a stool to get to the treats she had on her dresser. Smarty pants.Since we put in the water softener we wanted to test out what the salesmen use as a selling point out here to sell everyone "professional grade" water softeners. They say our water out here is so hard that a "regular" softener wouldn't work. Don't believe it. It works just fine. We got one from Lowes, Gary installed it.. and it works. Just ask this water professional.... Who also happens to be my father in law. Handy-dandy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I made these shirts last year for Gary's parents and our little family. Gary's mother is Irish. I think it's great to have a claim on the holiday. So this year since my kiddies are gone: I reminisce. Each shirt defines our relation, Gary's dad's and mine says: I'm with Irish. Gary's mom's says: I'm Irish. Gary's says: I'm Half Irish and the kid's say: I'm Quarter Irish. I think mine is funny this year since I am: With Quarter Irish child. With Irish is just a faster way of saying it. Of course I packed the kids' shirts, but had to quickly make Zurich a new onesie since he's grown out of his other one. Call me silly. At least I have fun.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Tag

Do I always have to break the rules?
These are the rules...

*Go to the document settings/my pictures on your computer
*Choose your 6th file

*Choose your 6th picture

*Blog about it

*Tag 6 more people!

but it doesn't work for me since I have Windows Vista (I'm so cool. I know. Whatever.)
So I had to go about this a little differently but the effect is basically the same.
I was tagged by Marci.

Funny thing, this was taken March 2nd 2008. So close to a year ago. It was an attempt at a family picture. Using the timer on our camera. It worked pretty well. It is fitting since we are looking toward our #3 baby and I just shipped my two babies off to Idaho with their Grandparents for a week of Fabulous Fun. Neither of them had any problems saying goodbye. Zurich got up this morning patted his suit case and grabbed the handle (too heavy so he abandoned it). They were both ready to go. Olea has been counting down the days. In the past year we've all had hair cuts. ok, Gary has had more than I like to keep track of and Olea and I had at least two. Zurich had one. Zurich can crawl, walk, run, jump etc. and Olea can almost tie her shoes. She almost knows how to draw all her ABCs and numbers. Gary and I still don't know how to get to bed before 11pm. We've all made a font from our handwriting, except Zurich.

And for the tag, if you've done it before... and don't want to do the same picture, don't. Do the seventh of the seventh folder or something, break the rules. Enjoy.
I tag Camie, Angie, Janell, Aimee, Gina, Erin/Stan(whoever is in charge of the blog these days).

Friday, March 13, 2009


Every one who has ever sung this song can understand his enthusiasm. We planned on singing a
different song for Family Home Evening this week, but Zurich kept interrupting so we gave in.
Please excuse our fabulous, angelic choir voices... it's hard to laugh and sing at the same time.

Oh and doesn't he look like such a big boy now? It's killing me. The hair cut was a good idea. He's
so darn handsome. Today Gary and Olea went skiing. Zurich and I used wisdom and stayed
home. But when Zurich saw them heading out the door he was totally distraught. He was
whimpering and brought his shoes to Gary. So after they left I helped him get shoes and socks on
and we played in the park for a while. Oh he loves that. He's all brave with the slide now. He
walks as far down the slide as he can till he falls and slides the rest of the way. This means
sometimes he comes down head first sometimes on his back etc. and loves every minute of it. I
encourage him to sit down and go normally but sometimes he just likes to show off.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays Everyone

This last weekend we celebrated birthdays. None that belonged to our house. But good times.
Olea and I went to breakfast with our friend Michelle for her 40th. We've known Michelle since we first got married. She has been a life constant friend to Olea, who lovingly calls her Shell. We also got to see Angie who watched Olea for a while so I could finish up my degree. She doesn't remember it being a scheduled thing... which I guess is good, because that means it wasn't a huge sacrafice. :)

Sunday we had Aunt Kendra come over for her 20th. Sheesh, she is young. Her hubby Eric had her blind folded the whole drive out here... that is a long time to be blindfolded. At least she didn't seem disappointed when he took the blind fold off. :) Olea's painting for Kendra and Eric. I thought it was super good then she started explaining something about blood on the prince and I was a bit concerned. She painted the wrapping paper (a picture of Jesus she said) but we had to cut it in half to wrap the two presents. So that sounds bad. I made a cake for Kendra, the kind I had been craving the last few weeks, which just happens to be her favorite too. However, I am disappointed in Pillsbury... where was the colored chip frosting? I couldn't find it anywhere to top the funfetti cake. So we had to use their lame sprinkle funfetti substitute. It turned out cute and I personally thought the gummy bears were super yummy on it. Eric was nice enough to blow up a bunch of Olea's balloons (I hate balloons, and blowing them up even more).

Olea was very excited for these events. Her Primary teachers heard about it all through Primary and received multiple invites.