Thursday, January 14, 2010

News funny

I have a palm. This one (which palm doesn't support anymore).

One of those "old" handheld organizers. You know, no phone capabilities, pure notepad functions. :) I love it. It works and I don't have to worry about it ringing at me, unless I set an alarm that is.
I use it to record those funny moments in life (and then sit down the the computer and type them in later to the kids' journals), appointment reminders and the like. Well today I was looking through my notes in it and found this jem from back in November.

I was watching the news one morning trying to get the weather to see how cold* it was before bundling all the kids up to take Olea to kindergarten and was watching the little news roll on the bottom of the screen and read this, "A man shot a little boy walking on the street leaving him criminally wounded."
I'll say.
No, it's not funny that the little boy was hurt. But the typo was hilarious. Call me twisted but I shut off the TV laughing my head off.

* Now I don't have to mess with the TV and other city's temps to get the temperature out here: Gary got me a digital indoor outdoor thermometer for Christmas.
It's one the the super glitzy gifts I'd hoped for.

I'm like that.
And can I just say, it's AWESOME.

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