Friday, March 25, 2011

Gideon's blessing

We blessed Gideon last Sunday.
I finished his overalls and Gary's mom and I put them on... I did the pattern right, I swear I did, it was sized to fit 0-6 months... I didn't get a picture of them, because I was so distraught with the outcome. Gideon is a big boy. The overalls were WAY too small, we were stretching them to the limits just to get them on him as it was. Gerry said it wasn't a big deal they could be added on to, it could be fixed. But it took me too long to do it already... So bless Gerry she picked up the crochet hook and yarn and eased my mind.

If you look at the pic, you can see where the original bib was and how much she added around the sides and created a new bib and straps. She's a life saver. So then I sewed on his birth shamrock. My sister crocheted the booties for him, they were a bit small by the time we blessed him too, but we made it work. :)

It can be surprising at times how big he is... esp in comparison:
Crew, Preston and Gideon
Jan 31, Jan 5, and Feb 5

Gideon is the youngest but by far the biggest.

My sister made them their matching hats.


  1. coretta, you never cease to amaze me. i LOVE the overalls.

    you look great too, btw.

  2. Hooray for babies! How fun to have all those boys together. Lucy is always so much bigger than all the kids her age too, and I'm pretty sure she'll soon be bigger than Katie's twins that are 16 months older than her.