Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lemons, flowers and CTR rings


Zurich has always taken good care of the things that are important to him. He is a saver. He got a few sheets of stickers for his birthday and they still hang on his board. He amazed us by how well he took care of his Mack truck that was meant for a 6 year old but we gave it to him when he was 2. He usually knows pretty well where the things he cares most about are.

A few Sundays ago he was given a CTR ring. Gary commented that he is amazed that it is still with us, especially since Zurich often wears it.

Olea had come home early from school sick and she and Giddy were napping. To keep the house quiet for them Zurich and Nev and I went out to get the mail and check on our lemon tree. I had good little lemon pickers and we discovered a bunch of flowers we haven't seen yet on the property. Zurich
thought that he had lost his ring outside. While we were looking he said some silly things, "We just need to look for something shiny." "I think it is in the lemon," or "I saw it in the tree." Literally meaning in the trunk of the tree. He also insisted on digging up a bunch of rocks in the driveway looking for it. That surprised Gary when he had a bumpier than usual drive down the lane that evening.

I later determined by looking at pictures we had taken outside that he didn't have his ring on while outside at all. This eased his mind and we later found it on the couch, he went and put it in his treasure box with his pirate necklace which you can see in the picture (a Gianni Versace chain he found in the garage, we cleaned it up and everything because my guess is that it was a dog collar.).

I juiced the lemons and made Lemonade using a recipe I found on Pinterest. They said Juice 6 lemons.... Our lemons are extra juicy, I will modify the recipe in the future, because it was way too much lemon. (Not for me, but for the rest of the family).

I love sweet time with these two.

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  1. How cool that you can just discover flowers on your property! I'm also jealous of those lemons!!