Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A new chin

Nope. Not plastic surgery.

I haven't seen my husband's chin for 8 years except a short lived appearance in about 2008. I am hoping the appearance will be at least as shortly lived this time around. But that's selfish and conceited of me. Both appearances were dictated by his obedience to a clean shaven recommendation to participate in church callings. So since I encouraged his latest one... I will probably be seeing his chin reappear and slowly disappear over and over. I guess that's okay. It is just SO different. He's half Irish so facial hair doesn't come in large quantity or quick growth.

after College Graduation:
The mustache was briefly introduced in 2008:
 I did not approve:

But it came back in 2011:


This Past week The Before and After:
 The process:
He was going to see what he had in way of a beard, but it was looking pretty patchy and while I was searching for pictures he was upstairs shaving everything but the goatee.

Looking back to find these pictures has been fun. Makes me appreciate my husband's looks more. We're coming up on 10 years. 

And this one, because it is one of my favorites, but not of me. :0) The date on the picture is SO off.

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  1. I miss my chin hair. When I am released from my current calling (our feel the need to rebel) the chin hair will return. Unfortunately, with a lot more white hairs than not.