Sunday, September 27, 2009






Olea knew what day it opened and was totally counting down. This year they had a new face pop picture op and it was the perfect fit for our little family.... Just a little photo editing to get us all in the same spread. Gary and I Love Halloween.

That would be Genève's head, not.... what it might look like.

And the picture of the night:

Olea has been having a hard time lately and it seems like Gary and I are always getting after her. Sometimes her choices' consequences really suck. Like when she chose to wear pants that were too long after being asked to do otherwise. During the duck races she stepped into a large puddle and it got totally soaked up in her long pant legs. She was put out because she wanted to play in the corn box but her pants were too muddy. She sulked off to this bumpy tube and I caught this winner. It is so perfect in so many ways. A few: She looks like she's sitting on the moon, (her name means moon) and the visual isolation shows what she was feeling. It's worth clicking on to see it bigger.

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