Thursday, November 19, 2009


Merry Christmas to me!
You can't tell what's new?!

No, of course not. That's the idea. But it's AWESOME!
Venting our microwave stove hood to the outside of the house rather than it recirculating into the house. It's way quieter and certainly my cabinets will be less greasy.

move stove, take off microwave and cabinet

Zurich helps locate the studs... Which there happens to be one right where we need a hole, so Gary frames around it

puts in the vent, lines everything up, puts it all back

Olea makes pattern breads and Zurich and Genève play together.
The kids were great throughout the hours it took to get it all taken apart, cut out, put in, and cleaned up so we took them to the dinosaur museum after.
Gary is awesome!

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