Monday, November 30, 2009

The Offensive Coat: aka Make your own iron-on

Once upon a time Zurich didn't have a coat. Oh, he had jackets and sweaters, but not a coat to be found. A kind cousin passed along one for him. It was great, and fit perfect. However, Zurich wasn't having it. I couldn't get him to wear it for anything. If I could get it on him he'd have it off the moment I turned away to pick up the baby. We were always in a hurry to get Olea to school so he always won and just ended up wearing his fleece. He'd come home all upset because he was so cold.
Step 1: Obtain object to receive Iron-on
The Offending Coat

The Silly Boy

So I had a thought.

Step 2: Gather materials and choose design
I had embroidery thread and heat and bond. I could make an iron on that would help him to attach to the coat. I set to work, picking an icon he loves but that wasn't branded.
A train.
(You can use and iron on transfer pen to put a design guide on your fabric, which I did at first... but then decided it was too big for my immediate need and just free hand stitched on instead, so that's why there are both in the hoop)
Hand Embroider onto Muslin

He sat and watched Thomas the Train as I stitched and periodically commented on my stitching.
"Train." Oh good, he recognizes it.

Step 3: Make it stick
Then use Heat n' Bond to make it an applique (use instructions on heat and bond)

Trim the extra fabric.

Iron onto the coat

Step 4 (Optional): Secure
...and since I am anal about securing things I took more embroidery thread and stitched around the design. Which I think helps it blend into the coat better anyway. You could use a sewing machine for this step but I didn't want stitches to show on the inside of the coat so that is best done by hand.

Step 5: Feel smart
Finished product.

The little boy and
The cool train coat

FINALLY! you think this would work to help kids KEEP their gloves ON?

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  1. That totally cracks me up. Kids! Kegan, who is 7 refuses to wear his coat because "It makes me look fat." Seriously. Too bad an applique won't fix that kid!

  2. You are amazing! 1-for coming up with that idea, and 2-for being able to make it!

  3. Holy Cow Coretta! I can't believe you did that...I guess I can, you always do amazing things. What a sweet mom you are.