Monday, December 7, 2009

What does Santa Sound like?

Saturday night we went to a Ward Christmas Party. Olea and Zurich were very excited because it was themed Polar Express. Zurich loves Trains and Olea is, I think, at the height of her Santa Clause Magic. Genève really enjoyed sucking on her ticket.

After dinner they had Santa Clause come. When he came in all winded and started talking over the mic Olea proclaims,"That's not Santa!"
"Why not?" I wanted to know.
"He doesn't sound like Santa, he looks like him but he doesn't sound like Santa, he sounds like a mice!"
"What does Santa sound like?"
She gives her best deep voice and says, "ho, ho ho"
I had to hand it to her. She was right his voice was a total let down. He was by far the most rotund Santa I have seen. Gary said he was probably so late because he was having trouble getting into his suit. There had to have been pillows in there.
But Olea sat on his lap and told him what she wanted anyway, in hopes he would tell the real Santa what she most desired. She calls them Rollerskates.
Zurich didn't want anything to do with this impostor, he did take a bell on a string though. I didn't bring my camera that night, which is okay since he wasn't the real Santa anyway. ;)

The night before we'd been to the city Santa Visit and Zurich didn't have any problem with him. Neither did Olea. I guess he was the real one. Of course Genève didn't mind any of them.

He was a very good Santa.


  1. Tanner did something similar when we saw Santa, he said, " Mom, that's not Santa, that's not the same guy we saw last year, he is different! Sad to think they won't always believe

  2. How cute. :)
    Hey...I want to buy some hair thingys from you.