Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

Today, after completing some sewing projects I took pics of the kids (who were not very cooperative today) to update Gary's Father's Day frame. It worked out all considered.
I sewed:
Nev's Dress
Nev's Shoes
Ojo's shirt applique (actually, currently no sewing, just ironing and cutting but a totally awesome result with my cricut and some heat and bond)
Ojo's skirt
I also added sleeves to a black shirt I had using leftover material from the girl's items.
I purchased Z's tie and one for Gary that matches. So we'll all be matchy on Sunday. I bought Z's tie a little big thinking of the future.
More self indulgent than Father's Day... but don'w worry DaddyMan is getting some of what he actually wants too. :)


  1. Just look at how beautiful your children are...

  2. Turned out really good, Coretta! You're so talented.