Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lagoon, Father's Day, Surgery: normal weekend

Saturday we went to Lagoon. With Gary's work. The kids had a blast, obvious right? Well, on the skyride, (which I do not like) Olea kept saying "This is the best day ever!"
(so why do I have to throw this kid a birthday party? ;)

Zurich knows how it's done. Zurich and Mommy on "Dragon"

That's Gary with the Nev. Babies wait in line.

Olea and Zurich on the planes
riding the train (Zurich does his train whistle)

Suiting up for our old west picture

Nev waits for the Old west pic to be printed. She wears a snail Tattie. She was a total sweetheart all day long. She's such a good kid!

The Dragon Fly. YUP, Nev rode it. She takes everything in stride. We were all buckling up in a row when some kid hops up in Gary's seat (while he was getting Zurich in) and the one Gary is left with has the SHORTEST belt. Solution, unbuckle Zurich and switch him. Solved.

Olea and Zurich. Bumper cars.

Zurich was hilarious, he totally got this and went after people with purpose and had this maniacal laugh when he connected.

Last ride of the evening, we were there till closing. This picture says it doesn't it?
The kids were out 30 seconds after buckling into their car seats.

Father's Day we all went in our matching outfits to church. After we gave Gary his other Father's Day gifties: a new lunch box-for to make him not be teased anymore, and a new rifle case and pictures from the kids. The Dad frame from last post I gave him on Friday. Couldn't wait.

Then bless it. We took a nap, except mine was interrupted by stomach pains around 2pm. By 4 everyone was up with me. At six I told Gary that, as much as I hate to say it, I was pretty sure I had appendicitis. By 8:30 or so kids were in bed and I was useless, writhing in pain and vomiting. Gary called my sis and her husband and they came to stay the night with the kids. Toward the end of waiting for them to get there I was laying in bed talking to myself saying: lets just go, the kids will be fine. We were just about to head out the back door when Ken and Eric showed up at the front door. Good timing. Of course I was eventually diagnosed with what I had already diagnosed myself with: appendicitis. They decided to postpone the surgery till 6am so the surgeon could get a good night's rest. (it was 1am or so when I got that news). Fine. Load me up with morphine and if it ruptures.... but thankfully it didn't.

On the way through surgery doors, oh yes, I can smile, I'm getting the sucker out!

I remember waking up at 7:30. Back in my room around 8:15 and Gary tucks Surgery Monkey in the crook of my arm. He loves me.

It's Thursday. I'm only just feeling like sitting for longer than a little while. (been working on this post in sessions) Still feeling exhausted and achy, and my shoulders still ache! I thought that was supposed to go away within the first 12 hours. Not my luck. But I've been very blessed, we caught it in time, are home, and have been very blessed with friends bringing meals, helping out, making Olea a cake (her bday was this week) and my dad coming down to help with the kids.

Cake my friend Jen made for Olea, talk about going above and beyond! Olea was SO thrilled and told everyone she could about it.

I just need to be smart and take it easy. I have such a hard time with this. I always think I can do more than I can/should.


  1. what the?
    i'm so impressed with your self diagnosis.

    i would have said, i think i have the flu, and then died.


    you are amazing! but, yes take it easy! :)

  2. I wish that I were closer to help you. You have always been so in tune with your body. I love it! Hope you can take it easy as hard as it is and I also hope you feel much better very quickly!

  3. I'm glad that you guys had fun at Lagoon, but I am so sorry to hear about your surgery!!! I wish that I lived closer I would totally be there to help with the kids! If you need anything that I can do from here please let me know!!! Love you!!

  4. Man, I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery...and having to ride the Sky Ride. I'm not a fan of that either. I'm really glad everything went well!! Get some rest woman!!!

  5. What a small world! Dave just had appendicitis on June 14th while we were on vacation in Breckenridge, CO. So he spent one of our 3 nights in the local hospital.

    Hope you are healing quickly!