Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Everyone needs a hobby.
Gary's is archery. Typically, as part of the deal of "letting" him go practice he takes the two older kids with him, they have this worked out pretty well by now. Sometimes I go with them.

Zurich acts as arrow caddy for Gary. (and yes, that's two bulls eye's in the second pic)

Olea hunts for a grasshopper, and finds success.

Sometimes the kids ride their bike and scooter behind him while he shoots. They both look forward to going with him and I look forward to quiet time. :)


  1. Everything about this post is most excellent. I especially love the pictures of Ojo with the baby grasshopper (I'm still afraid of them) and Z handing an arrow to his papa. Cute!

  2. Very cool. both the archery and the grasshopper catching:)

    btw, i was sad that you didn't make it to lunch on saturday.... it would have been great to see you! :(