Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outing with Olea

Olea earned an outing with Mom this past month. I had my reservations about how it would go since we've been on rocky terms for the last while. I have been irritated with her lack of gratitude as of late and her disrespect for others. However, this was something we both really needed for our relationship so we went.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for Dinner. Olea was excited about the bathroom sinks being gold. And she liked drinking her rootbeer and Strawberry smoothie together.

She had earned a free book from Barnes and Noble for reading 8 books. It was a huge struggle to get her to read 8 books. Her interest in reading (and I'd say her reading level) has significantly decreased in the last months since school let out. So with that considered we looked at the selection she had, I read her all the titles and she chose a book. I let her sit and look at a few books in the children's section before we rushed out to our next appt. She was enthralled with a book called Castles and Knights. As we left I was emotional (because I just am) that we had finally earned that book, accomplished a goal, worked at it together, and there was some tangible reward for her.

Afterward we drove to Color me Mine and Olea deliberated for a long time about which ceramic to choose. She finally settled on a Belle Princess bank and I choose a spoon rest. I was quite a way through painting mine and looked over at Olea who had been diligently painting away but who had made very little progress. She was using a TINY brush. So I cajoled her into using a bigger brush and we started making progress. I helped her do her multiple layers of glaze, and lift off places she accidentally put paint. She wanted to do the lips but asked me to help her with the eyes. She did a lovely job and really wanted to take it home but I told her we needed to leave them there so they could make it shiny.

We did actually remember to pick them up and it was such a fun thing I realized I needed to use my kiln. Just get busy and learn it. So this weekend while picking up Olea's Art I and my Mother in law went to Patty's Ceramics and picked up some things to paint and test the kiln and get things started. I was so impressed with how helpful and informative they were. Patty answered questions and gave me a test cone and I got mini kiln 101 lesson. Having my mom there was really great since she asked questions I didn't know to ask and the company was nice, since it was a lot of driving in a hot no ac car. It was very fulfilling and I am excited to give the kiln a test fire and then break out the paints and let the kids do something. I also stopped by Heindselman's to pick up Tatting thread and was thrilled that they have expanded their selection of Tatting supplies. I had to really rein myself in. Even I find it silly how excited I get about thread now days. :)

Olea and I had a good outing and it solidified in my mind that this is a phase we are working through. I need to make more effort on my part to acknowledge the good she is and lift my eyebrows and smile at her more. She is a fabulous, good, talented little girl and just needs more time one on one with Mommy. It is hard to do that with other little children who make messes of the things Olea and I like to do together but I am the only one who can provide her that.


  1. You both look so cute! Looks like a fun, quality time. I love Mimi's, but I didn't know they have gold sinks! Cool. :)

  2. You're such a terrific mother. I'm going to come to you for all sorts of ideas and advice when I one day get married and procreate...

  3. I can't tell you how relieved I am that I'm not the only mother that has an ungrateful, disrespectful child! It certainly takes a lot of work and patience to guide them through these phases. I'd say you're doing an amazing job!

  4. I used to go to Patty's Ceramics when I was at BYU, it's a great store and Patty is so helpful! I've always wanted to go to Heindselmans and look at their yarn and knitting supplies.

    As for know I understand! :) I'm glad she's doing better. I try to appreciate the good that Abby does and remind myself that she is just a little girl and needs help and love.