Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unpacking, whatever, Let's go to the beach!

We've been in Florida for two weeks. Unpacking is going very slow and it's been a point of frustration for me... and I am sure the kids. So Saturday after having a impromptu yard sale (because of all the stuff left in the house by the previous owner) by default in getting the stuff out of the garage to show to the auction man... and then having people stop thinking we were having a yard sale. We ended up selling a few pieces since the auction man said he'd give us 200 for the lot. We made more than that from our impromptu sales in two hours that morning. And then decided to make good on our promise to the kids and spend the rest of the day at the beach.

The first time we went was after we bought the car, so we got there at Dusk...
Zurich was super whiney at first but got to enjoy it at the end... As for Olea, for the record, it's not that I don't take pictures, it's that she never looks or comes when I call or stays still long enough for me to get a decent picture. Nev loved it.

So we had to go in the day time...The kids loved it. Obviously. Nev loves to follow us out into deeper water so she has to be watched but she does have a healthy respect for it. I didn't get a picture but she often would lay in the shallow water on her stomach facing the beach and let the waves crash around her. Gideon handled it very well. Olea is a little too brave in the water and Zurich liked to chase the birds and kick around in the water and play in the sand.

We stayed till dusk. It was so beautiful.


  1. Looks amazing! Oh and remember how I am still unpacking! For some reason it just seems to take longer with kids. Good luck with the continuation of it!

  2. Looks beautiful, and warm, since everyone, even the baby is comfortable in swimsuits! My only memory of a "beach" is cold and windy, so I'm amazed and a little jealous! Good thing you got a break from packing and all the craziness. Cute swimsuit (where did you find it?) and sunglasses, by the way!