Friday, April 22, 2011

A little Opposition

Today every little annoyance is supersized. I have a lot I could complain about (because I am in my own shoes after all), but instead I'm going to ask a question. Why do we have days like this? I know I'm not the only one who has them.

Is it because I am just choosing to see everything in a negative light? Or is it just because the balance of opposition is tipping dramatically today? Or am I just completely ungrateful?

I'd like to think that I am not ungrateful. So, moving along...

I believe heavily in opposition. It's why there is male and female. Opposition isn't just about Good vs. Bad. It's about progress and balance. Opposition is kinetic energy. Opposition creates new ideas, joy and change. Opposition creates life. Think of that.

That it might be for your profit and learning...
So what am I learning from a day like today? Am I learning to complain? Or am I learning to change my thinking? Am I learning to problem solve, organize, create, share?

On a day like today, I am glad I sat down to reflect. Because in all the chaos that has ensued in a very short period of time, it is important to note: I am still very blessed

and so are you.

It's only because of opposition that I am even aware of that.
And while I am fairly certain that the scales of opposition are severely off balance to the negative side today, that also means that there is a day out there that I will or have already experienced that is totally off balance on the positive side. so with that in mind, I look forward to the balanced days.


  1. Love how I feel like you are reading my mind and how insightful this is. I am officially calling you this week some time!

  2. I've faced a lot of opposition lately, (and reading a lot of 2 Nephi) so in comes the principle of faith. Believing that there is opposition in all things for a reason, and that balance will eventually occur. You my dear, have good faith. I'm feeling grateful for your example right now:)