Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween encore

We love Halloween.
(that's for the record)
We took the kids to the city trick or treating.
Giddy insisted on bringing Dap the bear with him. He held him under the crook of his arm the whole time.

Giddy and Dap
My cute short ones.
Oh how my little ducky loves his bear.
 We then met up with some friends to go door to door trick or treating. Work for their candy a little more.
Z's legs "are too sleepy"

Z and his friend Addy: he was such a gentleman pirate he'd put his hand on her back to help her up the curb etc. and holding her hand.
We stopped by our neighbors on the way home and they had prepared a little bag for each child with age and personality appropriate toy. It was so sweet and special for the kids. 
 This makes me laugh. Gary was joking earlier that we needed more kids to get more Halloween candy... but 4 kids seem to be doing the trick. :)

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