Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"those" bloggers and Halloween

I've turned into one of those bloggers... you know the kind. The kind that shows up on your links and under the blog title it says last post was "3 months ago" "6 months ago" or "a year ago."

I've had lots on my plate and mind and figured I'd better just keep it all to myself until I was ready to selectively share. Hence the big gaps in posting this year.

Things are good with us. We enjoyed a full summer with lots of travel and fun things. We have made huge improvements on the property in the past year and feel like Florida is home.

"It's Halloween Day." as my 3 year old says.
As we have already taken in a few Halloween activities here are some pics. My oldest can't dress up for school.... except on red ribbon week. The week before Halloween they had theme days so on the career day she dressed up like a teacher. I like how she picked out shoes that made clack clack noises and added a pair of frames. (I think it's sad they don't let them dress up for Halloween so I made some plans of my own rebellion.)
 Nev, Giddy and Nev's best friend and a church Fall Fling.
 Gary as Timon (a pretty sweet costume his mom made when he was 17 for a play he was in)
 We couldn't keep the kids altogether so I took the photo ops with who I had.
 His mad skeleton pirate face.
 Purple haired Mermaid
 Olea witch, Gary, Coretta as an artist (totally last minute costume as we were packing kids in the van), Giddy Duck and Z pirate.

 Haunted Trails, we got there as they were winding down hopefully next year the two events won't be on the same day.
 Giddy was over it all by now and Gary took off his costume thinking that was his issue. Later I found out it was his toe being held down under his foot by a skewed sock. I did not put on his socks and shoes, for the record.
 Carving pumpkins

 Giddy getting out pumpkin guts. Zurich and Nev wouldn't do it.
 She kept making faces at me. I am not responsible.
 two finger pincer is all he would do with the pumpkin guts. Finished product.
 Next morning ready for school. See that lil witch hat she has on. It's a hair clip. It's all school dress code passing. Wanna see it closer? Check here:


  1. Nice costumes all around! How appropriate that Nev was a purple haired mermaid. :) I like what you did for Olea's school you know of any other parents whose kids kinda dressed up while technically still staying within the dress code? Just curious how it goes with a rule like that around there. Oh, and Giddy and Crue were both ducks! How random :)

  2. 18m -24m is duck territory. It's in the rule books. :)