Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa are amazing

For Christmas this year we did our best to convince Grandma and Grandpa to come here again for the kids.  :) It worked out their time off was when we were planning on re-doing the boys' room. Oh they always manage to get sucked into our projects. But they are so skilled! Don't worry we made plenty of time for play too.

While they were here Grandpa made the kids stilts and a teeter-totter. It's perfect sitting there between the trees. I love it. The kids love it, so that's the best.

Grandma took the scary out of wall paper removal for me and kept the kids entertained so I could paint. Gary and his dad worked on the bunk beds.

Grandma needed bubble wrap for the cute advent calendars she made with each of the kids and at Lowe's the guys picked up a huge role of it. So Grandma covered the kitchen floor with it and let the kids live out a childhood fantasy.

After Gary and I got the basic of the paint done we took the kids out of school and went up to Historic St. Augustine. Since moving to FL we have tried to learn more about our new home state. It's kinda crazy to grow up knowing Utah/ Idaho and west history and geography and barely anything about your new home state.

Nev has also been begging to go with Daddy on a trip and stay in a hotel. Oh they love hotels. I think it might be the phones.
 First up the Irish Pub for some corned beef
 Then the Holly Jolly Trolly

We missed Santa, he left early so we went the next day.
LAME. He didn't even bother to pull up his fake beard.

Nev was so cute with her glasses on and slunked up in her coat with her squishy face. Oh how I adore my lil cherub.

We took a historic tour in a trolly which was really cool.

I could develop a fondness of a local college. :) We also visited the Castillo de San Marcos and Olea took the time to read up as she saw things. It was nice to go again when it wasn't so busy.


 Nev finds flowers to pick everywhere.
Olea saw a man weaving palm fronds and admired them for a while. He gave her this dragonfly. Pretty cool. Off to the sweet shop.  
While walking the streets of  St. Augustine we got the kids their t-shirts and I saw a shirt and almost said something to Gary but decided not to. While I thought he was paying I went out of the store and was telling Gary's dad about the shirt, next thing I know he comes out all proud of himself with a bright blue shirt on. YUP, that's the one I decided not to direct your attention to. :D Totally goes with the do-rag he was wearing to keep his minor head surgery covered. (He had a cyst removed from his scalp).
Giddy love to pour things.... it's cute to see how exciting it is for him, but exhausting to clean up all the mess.
  We went to Winter Wonderland and played around, the Santa there was much better. We got to take the kids ice skating. Zurich tried it but didn't care for it much. Olea was a pro. Nev was very determined and I was proud of her. Giddy enjoyed it but overall was just plain tired. They even made fake snow out of suds which was fun, but without all the cold. :)

We also went to the Alligator farm and expanded our knowledge on alligators. :)

 A little boy I know was being a pretty big "no" say-er and ready for a nap.

 Grandma and Grandpa came so full of energy giving the kids horsey rides and helping us tackle some pretty big projects, go go go play play play. We were so happy to have them with us and all their help.

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