Monday, December 24, 2012

Sleigh ride Florida style

Gary asked me the other night if I missed the snow.
But there are some things that are classic Christmas, that just aren't possible the same way in a tropical climate. So we are changing up traditions and trying new things and loving it.

We already went to St. Augustine and rode the Holly Jolly Trolly so what do do Christmas Eve?

 Go to the swamp and hitch an air boat ride. Obviously. ;) Actually, we have some friends who got a gift certificate for an air boat ride for six people. They gifted it to us because they weren't going to use it and knew we would. None of us have ever been on an air boat so we were all pretty excited. It was a cooler day so we bundled up a bit since we'd be against the wind. I was glad to have a use for the hats I knitted the kids. :) Awe look at that ping, ping, ping, ping, ping.

 Olea got to ride the high seat first. Giddy was happy to chill for most of it.

 Nev was singing into the wind.
 Cranes looking for a place to build a nest.
 The clan of us (driver took the picture)
Zurich wanted to go fast and got his wish. He's watching the dials.
 Pretty Lake Woodruff
 Giddy-Phone before he rejected the earphones.
 Nev was so pleased when she got her turn to sit on the high seat. She sang the whole time and the driver got a kick out of it. He was totally cool with the kids, I always worry because people here just aren't that used to kids, especially four of them at once. He was very accommodating and we had a blast. Gary really is interested in doing a gator hunt or bow fishing via air boat.
 We saw quite a few Gator especially for it being an overcast day but this lil guy was the only one I got a picture of.
As we headed home I said to Gary, "That was a nice sleigh ride; Florida style."

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