Thursday, April 10, 2008

So, in case you were wondering, I am NOT a man.

The Surgeon called the other day with the final pathology report. Leave it to me to have the rarest form of Ovarian Tumor out there! So not any of the things it was previously thought to be. Woohoo am I super or what?! Apparently the pathologists didn't know what it was and had to send it to the MAYO clinic. (he better not bill us, thoughI am sure he will) So a piece of me was at the Mayo Clinic. yay.

Anyway, you can google it if you want but won't find much. It's a Sertoli-Lydic or Sertoli-Lydig Tumor. It is benign. Originates from Ovarian Cells (hence being an ovarian tumor) but manly enough it produces hormones; specifically testosterone, like when a person is forming in embriologic state. He said that most people notice them by cycle interruptions or more advanced: Acne, facial hair, oily skin etc... thankfully I didn't have that. He is sending me the pathology report and the pictures I asked for.

I'll need to be monitored for the next year, Blood levels, testosterone just to make sure. He said he was glad he took the whole thing.

And Today I went to the Endo (because well strangely enough my hormones are a bit out of whack) and they don't take my insurance anymore!... thanks but no thanks on the cash price. So I just asked the receptionist if I could just have my levels. She went back and
talked to the doc. The doc ended up looking at my levels, writing a new Rx and giving a sample to me via the nurse while I waited in the waiting room. So now I get to find a doc who is comfortable monitoring thyroid levels. So how's that for a free doc apt? it will do. :) I don't think I will complain about not having to drive to Provo, so long as I can find a new doc.


  1. This medical stuff is all so interesting and baffling at the same time.

    I never thought you were a man. MUCH to feminine for any of that crazy talk!

    I love the way you write, by the way. Makes me miss you even more. You rock!

  2. PS The one you want to look at is called "Tagged aGAIN" so ya know. I'm kind of a blogging fool lately...