Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ten Random Things

My Gina tagged me...
Ten interesting things about me...
1. I'm allergic to pretty much anything that grows... trees weeds grass
2. I've ridden in an ambulance, but seeings how I was in agonizing pain, worse than giving birth (and I know that un-medicated) i don't remember much about it other than the clock in the ambulance was wrong.
3. This month I was considered an "Expert travler" by the airline since I have flown 3 times in the month of april.
4. I only watch tv that i can stream on the internet since I don't have live tv
5. I heart wheat bread. A lot
6. Last week I was in San Diego, Salt Lake, and Twin falls: three states in one day. the picture was taken on the drive to Twin Falls.
7. I write down 5 things that make me happy or that i am greatful for in my snail book every day.
8. I think calling my husband random names is funny. not names like fred or greg but like refrigerator, or munkychunks
9. i have been under the knife twice and have 4 scars from it.
10. I laugh at myself a lot. I think I am sooo funny. eheh that even makes me smile out loud


  1. YAY! I'm glad you played the game! flew 3 times in the month of April, eh? That's insanity! -Do you like to fly? Where did you go? :) I'm about to fly again...Chicago, here I come! (2 weeks from today!)

    By the way, I think you're funny too. (#10). Very funny.

  2. Smile out loud???Can you hear a smile (when you're not talking?) Im adding you to my blog list :) Love ya!