Friday, April 4, 2008

Not a Morning Person

As I start to write this I think I will have many entries over the years along this vein because I have a child who is a morning person... this poses some problems as you can imagine.

This morning after being up with Zurich again (my mom and mother in law had been here helping and were up at nights with him) I was rather tired and cranky. Not to mention I need more sleep to heal... in any case Olea was one thing after another, I need, I want, I can't... etc. Not to mention Zurich was awake and had his needs. I was getting rather sharp in my responses to Olea. So after a bit of it Olea said to me, "You need to be happy Mommy." :{

Later Gary commented on Zurich's loud squaking, "He's being eaten alive by slugs." To which I replied, "That would sure make things easier."

I'm a good mom I swear! Just not between the hours 6am-8am. :)


  1. Wow, I'm not a morning person either...makes me nervous for when I have children of my own, because I can't just ignore them and sleep whenever I want. (Well I could, but I won't...just seems really wrong, ya know?) Anyway...I guess I COULD be a morning person if I went to bed early enough. But really, mornings shouldn't start until 8am at least.

  2. Hello. This is Aaron. I got your special invite last month while I had pneumonia, and tried to make a comment, but I didn't have a Google/Blogger account, and at the time even that (which I just completed in 30 seconds) seemed too much of an effort. That was the most miserable I've ever been. Don't get pneumonia. And don't wish for your children to get eaten by slugs. That does make you a terrible person, in case you're wondering.