Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I had a thought a few weeks back about how I don't blog the way some other people blog.
That's okay.

I didn't do a lengthy I love my Dad post on Father's day because I doubt he reads my blog...or tribute to holidays... etc.

When I first started blogging I thought I had to do those things... but it's my blog and if I choose to mainly blog about food, or pictures, or my kids, or my medical mishaps, or crafties or a smattering of all the above, I can and I do.

I am a perpetual journal-er. I blame this on my mom and her "Tablet" and my bad memory. However, my forms of journaling are varied and inconsistent. The thing I have been most consistent on is my children's journals and my husband and my anniversary book. Since I forget things easily esp the fun things we all say and the day to day laughs I have to keep my own "tablet" of sorts and then compile them in some form or another. In order to keep up on these things I use postits, blogging, scraps of paper that pile up on my computer desk and drive Gary crazy and my palm z22 (behind the times I know, but it works). I like blogging for the multimedia ability and also find I really like the comments.

My mom suggested I really try to keep up on enjoying my Zurich and keep up on his journal in light of the fact that he and Genève are so close together. Her suggestion comes from having two of my siblings close together and the eldest being a boy as well and she just wanted me to enjoy this age of my boy... and it's been lovely. I have been trying to do this, and keep up on Olea's journal as well. It's time, time always TIME. But I think I have managed pretty well. And I am grateful for my mother's suggestion.

I keep health records quite dilligently on myself and my children. (I can rarely get Gary to go to the doctor). Growth charts, when we went to the doc, what they were sick with, allergic to, and when their teeth come in etc. I use a Baby your Baby Health Keepsake (free here for Utah residents) to do this.

I currently keep a hand written journal in a book I made. (book binding is so exciting... hmm that sounds lame, but it really is a cool feeling to not just keep a journal but a journal in a book that you made from scratch).

I don't scrapbook but I do try to organize my pictures and label it to some degree of recognition, currently I think I have found a good system for me for labeling and printing and enjoying pictures.

... and none of it is totally complete, times I have guessed on when a tooth came in or totally forgotten to record something worthy of note etc.

After all this... I conclude with this thought, my grandparents among others in their generation have written personal histories. And it makes me think... have I been keeping a good enough journal (in all its different forms) to compile my own life history when the time comes? What records will I find the most useful?


  1. I love your blog. 'nuff said. :)

  2. i second that.
    i love it. keep writing and posting just like you do. you are great.