Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FHE fun

So for Family Home Evening we try to have a lesson. It is usually pretty short and sweet with ages 1, 2 and 5. Last night Gary used the Friend magazine to give a lesson around this article. The kids were sitting on stools on the living room floor. Gary was actually in the middle of singing a song related to it to the kids when Nev and Zurich started standing up and sitting back down on their stools and laughing their heads off. Of course Olea joined in and laughter continued. Here's a lil video of the giggling fun.
So I guess you could call that our activity for the night. It proved to be a useful activity since Nev then tried standing on her own for the first time. See how she squeals to let us know how much coolness she is exhibiting? We skipped treats since the kids were already on one and didn't need any more sugar. Hope you had a fabulous Monday.


  1. gary does solos for fhe? that's impressive.

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  4. love it! thanks for posting it on face book!