Wednesday, May 5, 2010


been feeling kinda overwhelmed lately. it could be my thyroid, it could be a semi interested potty trainer, it could be an almost 6 year old, it could be the let down after a miscarriage, it could be that I haven't been on a date in a LONG time (but silver lining: hubby and I are going out tonight) it could be lack of sleep, it could be Mother's day is coming up (now that I'm a mom, i think I hate this "holiday"), it could be life in general

So here's somethings that cheer me--

Edited the pics a little, uploaded them to costco, had them print 8x10s, picked them up while grocery shopping and then came home and replaced the other ones and rearranged the frames on the wall:
this is the best before pic I could find

and here's what it is now. I like it better. Small changes.
Gary also pried the extra stand off the back of the frames so now they sit against the wall the right way.

Olea's ladybug outfit for the Kindergarten Bug Ball:

I heat-n-bonded the spots on and then stitched around them all since Olea wanted it to wear for fun, not just once. She sure looks tall in this pic.

These pics reminds me of Alice in wonderland:

It's Nev playing with Olea's doll house.

Saturday Morning Music fun:

I love watching Gary play with the kids, I mean seriously, all of them are smiling, how is that not the best?

Zurich pushing Nev in the pram:

going on walks, is so therapeutic

And yes, even Gary and his new bow make me happy, because Gary is happy.


  1. I'm sorry you're down! I hope the date will cheer you up!!

    I hear ya on the stage thing..I got there right at 5:30, so of course there was no where to sit and so I tried kneeling on the floor lifting the kids to be able to see her. Not comfy.

    The pics look great! I always change things around the house when I'm having a hard day....maybe I shouldn't admit that:) I must have a lot of them.

  2. Coretta, You are the greatest...the overwhelmed feeling hits me at least once a week. Just wish I lived a little closer so that I could help somehow! Hope life feel easier or something like that! Love ya

  3. What a beatiful list. Our whole family loves that bug ball outfit. I love the Alice in Wonderland pictures. :) huggles.