Monday, May 10, 2010


This morning I sent Olea off to school with an Iris. While this may seem insignificant to most this was reminiscent for me. Last Friday Olea came home from school saying something about it being her teacher's last day of school and that she graduated that day. Olea was very excited about it and wanted to bring something for her teacher when we got to our house she saw that the white iris's were blooming and asked if she could take one to her teacher. I told her that if she remembered and was early enough (this is a problem) she could give one to her teacher on Monday.

This morning Olea was wasting time shutting her brother in the coat closet instead of getting her coat and shoes on. So again she was pushing it to the late end.

When she finally sat down to put her shoes on she started freaking out, "My flower! You know those white flowers that grow in our garden, you know the little garden out front, not the really little one but the bigger little one? Well the white flowers that are alive, I like those ones, the white ones with the lelow inside and you said I could give one to my teacher for her last day of school this day. So can I pick one?"

I lie not. This is how she talks. It takes FOREVER to get to the point and with other little ones and a husband that needs attention too, it gets quite exhausting and quite frankly I often tune her out. If that little quote is in anyway misrepresented, it is that I left something out.

I was irritated by this point because she was going to be late and if I took the time to cut off a flower and package it like I know.... she would certainly be late.

However, as annoyed as I was, I couldn't deny her this.
Because I remember in elementary school, when the end of the school year came around and the iris's started to bloom I remember my mother cutting off an iris or two, wrapping the stems in a wet paper towel and putting it in a plastic bag tied off with a rubber band. I remember walking to school in jacket weather with the sun just peeking over Flat Top carrying my precious irises to my teacher.

So this morning I took the time to cut off an iris, package it and send it off to school with Olea.


  1. You are my hero! the small things matter the most. She may not remember this day, but if you hadn't done it...she might have! Love!

  2. Cute! Reading that sparked a memory in my mind too! I remember mom cutting them and packaging them like that...except it was for when we went to vist Oma and Opa's gravesite.