Monday, September 27, 2010

involuntary haircut

I mentioned that the two get into mischief?
ya, so today I was moving the laundry and come downstairs to this:

I'm not concerned with the shoes that are out... nope, the hair bits and the scissors are what bother me.
Isn't she cute?

I was bummed because just yesterday I discovered that I could get Nev's hair into piggy tales. Thankfully I got some pics, they aren't' the best, but she looked so cute.

Yup, Zurich had cut off Nev's lil curls. Stinker! He'd cut a few choice locks off of his own lil head too.
Nev after Zurich's work:

I didn't get a pic of Zurich before I cut his, but from last night here is a pic of him, he could have used a haircut anyway I guess:

So of course I figured just punishment would be to cut Zurich's hair. (he doesn't like hair cuts) He squirmed and fought the whole time. Nev however, sat and happily played with chapstick.
End result:

could have been worse, and I have to laugh, so I wasn't mad when Gary called while I was cutting Zurich's hair and he laughed when I told him.

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  1. haha! Poor, innocent, oblivious Nev. Zurich's haircut looks good!