Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lilies and 28

This past spring I planted a Costco variety bag that had 16 bulbs of Lilies.
Look what finally bloomed.

Only 3-4 plants even grew of all the bulbs. The grasshoppers have been super bad this year and I'm not sure a good corner of the bed is even getting water. I have hope that they will emerge next year. Though I may not see them if we move before then. :( However, I hear that flowers grow great in Florida. But these two bloomed on my Birthday, Happy B-day to me!

Speaking of birthday, thanks to all those who assisted in the festivities:
Bombay House

(Yes, I need all three)
Elk Steak dinner with Kendra and Eric

My Key Lime Pie from the Dainty Dish which was totally 100% what I was craving

and for the record, I don't typically like pie.
Fish hatchery with friends and fam, they weren't as exciting as they were supposed to be, but the kids still got quite excited about it.

Nev almost dunked herself, but thanks to Kendra and Eric she only got hands and the top of her head wet.

Cheesecake with blackberry syrup: all home made, delicious. And when that many kids sing to you (most not even pictured) you really feel loved!

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