Monday, September 6, 2010

Mischief makers

The Nevenator and Zubber have proven to be quite a lethal combination with Olea in school. Nev naps a good portion of the day but the short time she is up the two of them get into lots of mischief together. I have learned to take the camera with me when I go hunting for them or if I hear their giggles, as the case with the clothing dumped out and Nev buried in it. I peeked first and saw Zurich rolling on Nev buried in her pile of clothes, the both of them giggling. I went for the camera and when I got back Zurich had disappeared behind the big chair.
Where is Nev? They totally dismantled her clean clothing bins and emptied the dirty laundry all into one pile.
Zurich comes out of hiding...
They were hiding in Olea's closet, coloring in Olea's notebooks.
How is it possible with such small kids?

Here is the best one though:
Nev says, "TaDa!" we made a mess with the crackers all over the floor.

P.s. anyone figured out how to handle the pictures in the "improved" blogger posting, I can't stand it. I can't control anything!

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  1. Those two are cracking me up! I totally love the cracker mess and her excitement over her creation. What a team!

    I share the same frustrations with the pictures. That's why I don't do anything fancy because it drives me nuts. I upload one pic at a time right where it's suppose to be and that seems to work.