Monday, November 29, 2010


At home

and I didn't have to do much of anything except clear the table and take care of leftovers with Kendra's help.
I love husbands (Mine and Kendra's, I don't have more than one, just for the record) who can cook....

Kendra and I knitted while the kids wandered up and down stairs between the guys watching football and entertaining themselves, reading, playing their own game of football and the like

Pie, a movie, lounging, playing etc.
Kendra and I are about 29 weeks.


  1. I love the belly pics...seriously has it been that long since I saw you. I don't remember there being a belly at all then. Can't believe you are gonna be a mom of 4!

  2. You both look great and How fun is that to be due around the same time as your sister! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving

  3. um, i love the belly pics. you look great.

    these pictures feel so warm and make me want to have thanksgiving weekend again, this week. even though it was just a week ago! sigh.