Monday, November 1, 2010

My Buttons Mom?

I started this bracelet a while ago at my mother in law's. We'd got shrinky dinks to try and see how it fared on her Cricut. (for the record you have to do a deep cut like 5 times). We decided the punches and Cuttlebug worked better. And you can run it through the cuttlebug embossing folders to get patterns to color in, which is what I did with the flowers. I had some pieces that I hadn't shrunken yet and so when the kids and I did our shrinky-dink buttons I threw mine in too.

I finally assembled the bracelet and matching earrings that day too. I think I'd had the elements lying around for about oh maybe since April. That's life folks, that's life.
If you have a hankering to try something like this... color both sides of the shrinkydinks... I forgot on some of my pieces... and with a twisty bracelet like this, you gotta have all sides covered, which is why I had to do more pieces.

When I wear this set Zurich will unfailingly ask, "These my buttons Mom?" or "Where are my buttons Mom?" I need to do something special with the kid's buttons. They obviously made a lasting impression on the little ones.

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