Monday, December 27, 2010

Letters from Santa

After being put on bed rest I got an idea from a friend, and since all I was supposed to do was lay around in bed, I had time to do it, thanks to a laptop. :)

I took the opportunity to edit the letters found on this site and tailor them a bit more to my kids and our situation and the things they had accomplished this year. I also made an envelope file with postmark and return signature etc and put them on a border I had from microsoft clip art. I knew that Olea would really be the only one who would appreciate/understand it, but to add to the effect did one for each child. It made for a fun trip to the mailbox.
And Olea was very excited about it.

Getting the mail, Olea realizes what the return address on the envelope says.

Kids opening and reading their letters.
It was fun, adding to the pre-Christmas Eve excitement and reminded the kids what one thing they asked Santa for.

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