Monday, December 13, 2010

Skiing with kids

Gary took the kids skiing weekend before last. It was Zurich's first real go at it and it sounds like he did great till he got snow between his gloves and coat... then he just wanted Mommy.
Which is why I encouraged Gary to take him. The kid needs some toughening up. Zurich was psyched to go though and so I am so glad Gary was up for it. Last minute Gary called a friend with a little guy who is about 4 to go with them. I think that helped keep things positive. :)

I don't ski, it scares me, I have tried it a few times though for the record. Thing is I don't want my kids to have my same fears, I want them to be able to try things and have the opportunities to do awesome things that are just between them and their dad. Olea has really enjoyed this about skiing and I think it was a little hard for her to accept having her little brother along. However, she is good enough now that she can ski on her own and only needs help with the lift, which Gary figured out with his ingenuity how to get them both taken care of on the lifts at the same time.
After Zurich got snow on his wrists Gary gave him his gauntlet gloves. Why don't they make only those for kids? Why they make any other kind of glove for a kid doesn't make sense to me.

Olea's face looks so smooshed in this picture, Gary confirmed it was, they needed to adjust her goggles. :)

I, of course stayed home with my pregnant self and my little Nevy and was grateful for Gary's new work phone that has a camera on it so he could take pictures.

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