Monday, December 13, 2010

Vivid Dreamer

Last night I was up three times after going to bed
Once to clean up puke, Olea coughed so hard she threw up.
Twice to listen to Nev whimper a bit and settle back down
and Thrice to Zurich who had had another dream that I had to talk him through. If I don't he'll keep going and going and wake up his sister, which means I am in for a rougher night...

This happens at least once a week with him. He has very vivid dreams that cause him stress and he usually cries or screams till I go in and calm him down. In order to that the method varies on the dream. Some nights I am amazed at my skills. :)

I have had previous training with these kinds of dreamers... two of my siblings gave me plenty of scares when we shared a room.

Last night I popped out of bed and dashed down the hall to hear him crying, "I want to cut my project." which he kept screaming over and over so after some inquisition he finally clarified, "I need to cut my homework project." so I said to him, "Ok, here are the scissors you cut yours and Olea will do hers." Apparently, I hit the nail on the head and he was quiet and smiling. I asked, "Are you happy now?"
"Ok, good night."

I am starting to realize most of his dreams are about fights with his sisters. Which is funny when it's between him and Nevy, since she is well 20 months and he is three and he'll have dreams about wanting her to play with him and she won't or him wanting her to give him the toy phone and she won't.

It's kinda funny that I have to solve imaginary fights, after solving real ones all day. kinda.

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  1. :) I was wondering if I was one of the siblings... and it was confirmed when I read your post on my blog. Funny. But what a job for you!