Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The mail receptacle

I should have gotten a picture of the box in it's sad tipped over and over grown shape, but I didn't.

Last week for FHE we painted and personalized our mailbox. It was Olea's idea (from UP) and we thought it was a good way to make our family mark on the place. Gary used our old porch swing frame (that the movers made us take apart) to make a new mailbox stand. Some bleach and a scrub brush on my part. And then some trusty acrylic paint and the little people in our family. We had the kids white wash the stand after we put their hand prints on the box. Giddy we had to use a foot because we couldn't get him to uncurl his fingers.... thinking that might have been a good idea for Zurich too since we had to re-do his over seven times, and only one of those times it was because he smeared his with a paint brush...

Ya, I know I did a crappy job on the Name part, it was free handed with a lot of distraction.

Now accepting parcel post as well. :)

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