Friday, June 24, 2011

Thomas Clock

Zurich was helping me un-pack stuff earlier this week and saw this clock. (Which was never hung in my house but kept for the works for projects such as follows).

He said, "I want a Thomas clock, Mom."
"Ok son."
He wanted Thomas, not James, I checked a few times.
So I painted the red part blue. It would have been smoother and easier with spray paint, but I don't have any so I used the acrylic paint I had. Two coats.

This face all ready existed on the internet, just waiting for me.
Found here, super cute costume idea.

So I printed it out to the right size and poked a hole for the clock works. Lined up the face and stuck it on.

Re-assemblage of the clock. Make sure when you do so that you line up the hands straight up at 12. So as to have the clock tell appropriate time when setting it. (You guessed it, I skipped this step and hand to take it apart to fix it.)
Simple enough. I thought about adding a little more detail stuff, but he was just happy as can be at it the way it was, so I figured I would leave well enough alone.

Three of his favorite things, clocks, Thomas and Cars. Life is pretty good.

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  1. It's things like this that make me just awe at the things you accomplish in a day. Wow.. Very cute and what a creative use of an otherwise less attractive time piece!