Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nev and Daddy

Zurich accidentally bonked Nev on their way up the stairs to bed. Nev came down to us, I had to translate for Gary as she was talking to him and he didn't understand. She wanted a bandaid (didn't need one). So he pulled out his imaginary bandaids and went through a whole charade picking one out (princess) unwrapping it and putting it on her. She was very interested but when it was all said and done she said desperately, "No dad, I want a bandaid."

So Gary took her upstairs and put a monster bandaid on her (because we have a ton of them). She was all proud as she came to show me but as her face moved in excitement and the bandaid caused issue she was sad,"it doesn't fit!" and turned around in panic/ embarrassment.
She decided she didn't need a bandaid anymore.

Gary was helping her brush her teeth and alerted me to the fact that she had a fairy in her mouth. We all got a look at the cute fairy and then she washed it down with a drink of water. Her tongue has healed up nicely from when she pretty much bit through it.

Gary and Nev have a very sweet relationship. Mutual adoration. She can melt his heart so fast. Gary often comments on the fact that one of his favorite things is hearing Nev sing. She sings in a sweet soft falsetto while she plays. Most of the time her dollies are in a musical. Gary will even take a part in her musical with her and the dollies. It is so sweet.

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