Sunday, February 19, 2012


I didn't worry about Valentine's in January as I normally would have because we were gearing up for a trip West and my oldest would miss the valentine's exchange in school.... but recent turn of events we didn't go on our trip and so I had to figure something out. I wanted something that she could have a hand in putting together and she wanted to make the packets like we did for Gary. So I sat down to put together a little card for her with more appropriate messaging... and then had an idea and ended up making some for the older kids, just because I could because it was so fast and I had the pictures to work with already.

It's not a novel idea given all the examples you can find of picture/sucker valentine's all over the internet, but the spin we put on it was fun and personal and the kids were proud to put them together and give them.

Olea used the silly picture cards with candy packets for friends at church (I didn't get a pic of one of her's made up but you can use your imagination if I you've looked at Gary's from last year.)

She used the archery shot with the suckers for school.

Zurich and Nev gave out theirs to their friends at church.

While making up the packets for Olea's little cards, Zurich wanted to make one that had him on it, so I drew a pic really fast and had him draw the body. I get such a kick out of this. It's so cute.

As soon as the picture was done and I had taken a picture of it he ripped it open and ate the treats. :)

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