Friday, February 18, 2011

Gary's Valentines

At Gary's work this year they did an old fashioned Valentine exchange. I got pretty excited about it. Gary had the idea to use the picture from our fun last year.

Of course I had to change it up a little.

What are you talking about? That stands for Valentines Day.

What is a valentine without something sweet?

We had some Jelly Bellys and I had seen this nifty little thing to make your own "bags" and so I set to work. Only, I didn't twist them.
Decorating some paper with stamps

double sided taping the edges and crimping them shut

into neat little packages

Then I stapled the packages to the Valentine Card and sweet....

And Olea and I decorated a Kleenex box for him.
Gary commented, "you are having way too much fun with this." I was, I really was!
He was a good sport. :)

He handed them out at work and everything... and got some good laughs out of people. A group of CS guys that got moved to a different building put up his Valentine where all the truckers could see it. "Who's that guy?" they kept asking.

I'm so glad he indulged me.


  1. Ha ha ha...that is seriously the best. I want to be able to make little packages like that. so awesome.