Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Very Own Azalea Festival

We discovered the first blooms on the bushes on the front of the house and knew it would only be a matter of a few days before the whole front yard sparked in pinks and white.

I told the girls that when the azaleas were in bloom they could pick as many as they wanted. I have enjoyed seeing them live out every little girls' greatest wish: to pick the pretty flowers. :)

This made my day coming home one evening. I love to see evidence of their play. One day picking up Olea from the bus (that is why Nev is so high, she's sitting on the top of the stroller) Nev had to have some flowers to take with her (running back down the lane to grab some). Olea took a few to her bus driver one morning as well.

And now photos from the real camera. :)

When you walk down the street you can smell them two houses or more down. I love it. They are so beautiful and so much color. I wish it was like this year round. However, that would probably kill me with my allergies so I am happy to enjoy them in March.

I love the way as they fall their sad faces bury themselves in the earth making a little tent like shape.

their buds promise me
like they promised me then
"we will be beautiful
we will welcome you
our bright faces open
our scent lifting you away
adding magic to childhood
and conveyance to memory"

when their job is done
this moment's rarity to protect
they'll fall softly
whispering as their scent declines
"our bright remembrance
will carry thee
adding magic to childhood
and conveyance to memory"

Looking forward to next March. :)
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