Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a few plants to plant...

Today I finally got around to some planting after raking up the leaf "ground cover" I planted some forget-me-not seeds, and a raspberry and two strawberries. I have never planted strawberries before although I did think the wad of roots was pretty big for a strawberry I just went with it and the pace of my helpers (Olea Zurich and Nev). So after the two wads were planted I was cleaning up the packaging thinking, "sheesh, why did that take me so long?" when I looked at the packaging and noticed something, "Wait, TEN plants? TEN?!" I only got two in each bag.
So I dug them up and unraveled the ten separate plants in each of the two wads, and planted them all. Twenty plants. :)
I grew up gardening by legal slave labor (you know, the family garden:) and so this is embarrassing to admit, but funny and I'm so over myself so I'm sharing.

I hope they fruit. That would be sweet.

Also today I ventured to the local farmer's market for the first time. However, with the three youngest I was so glad to have friends with me. They were awesome help. Nev was in an "I'm mad!" mood for a while and kept running off. Thankfully it didn't last too long.

It was a good time and I came home with some delicious fruits and veggies and a plumeria and another flowering plant, I forgot the name of. It was pretty small so it will be a while probably before it flowers. The plumeria is a sentimental replacement from the cutting I destroyed when we moved. As long as I leave it in a draining pot I can't loose right? I hope! I can't wait for it to flower, my other one never did, it grew big and lots of leaves, but that's Utah, this is the sunshine state. They are meant to grow here!

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