Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Pretties

Decorating Eggs with Gary's help is SOOOO much easier and it's fun to have him around.

Here is my sweet 14 month old Giddy miracle. We are so thrilled how well he is doing. He has been spitting up though again. I assume it is a weak stomach sphincter. We'll see.

Gary got the boys matching little 3 piece suits for Easter. This is not normally a thing a guy does is it? Well, it was the first time here as far as I can remember. I mean it wasn't like I saw them, Gary pointed them out and had their sizes and everything. I was so impressed. :)

Anyway the girls saw them and Olea said, I want an Easter dress Mom. I had just bought a few yard ends in the bargain bin of this smocked fabric in different prints thinking of making Nev some light summer dresses since she hates clothes so much. When I saw the Blue Ariel Fabric, I saw potential for double use. There wasn't any in the ends bin so I had them cut me a few yards. I made a few dresses from the other prints and to test out sleeves. The girls liked them so I started on the blue Ariel fabric and had Gary pick up a few extra yards so I could make a shirt for myself. :) Girls were happy and we all were matching, seriously who doesn't love a matching family? If you don't, I don't care. :) I do.

While Gary hid the Easter eggs I took pics of the kids. I even planned ahead to Mother's and Father's Day. So I kept those under wraps but here are some pics of them.
And then the Easter hunt.
Oh so cute. I love my babies! We got a very sweet compliment today about them, one of those kinds of indirect compliments that says nice things about you and your parenting. A parent needs those every once it a while.

Teaching the kids about the resurrection of Jesus Christ again is always interesting. Olea is starting to get it more, that Easter isn't about freakish bunnies and candy and such, but about Christ and His love for us, His power and our reliance on Him.
Obviously we participate in some of the fun traditions, childhood is good that way.
I want my children to have a good childhood but the balance of true teachings and a foundation of faith.
Happy Easter!

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  1. So cute that Gary picked out those studly duds for his boys. I'm so glad Giddy is doing well, I hope he keeps getting better. Always a joy to read about your "babies".