Monday, April 23, 2012

Daytona Bike Week

Living near Daytona, it was fitting, especially since Gary and I had just bought a new motorcycle, that we attend in some fashion Daytona Bike week. Last year while we were here for our house closing we had Giddy with us and as a newborn we just took him along with Gary's co-worker. Giddy garnered a lot of attention.
"Training him up right."
"You brought a BABY to bike week?"
"That's how you do it."
"Oh look! a baby!"
This year we took in some of the day time fair things to see at the Speedway. And then meandered over to the beach.

There were lots of pretty bikes and a few of these sorts of oddities:
 I thought these were cool
 This was for my friend, Brenda

 We test drove a Raider, which was Gary's dream bike... after riding it we sure do think our current bike is best. He has no more romantic notions of the Raider. :)
 Our bike, however, after going to Bike week he had his eye on Mustang Seats...

 ugh V8 bikes are SO ugly and ridiculous IMHO
 that's colorful

 Parking on the main street

 The OCC Wild West bike.

 Daytona Beach

 And just for the fun of it some Temporary Tats.

 and because we are sooo refined and serious about it: monkeys

Riding down the main street
 and off home!

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